I Had A Winner!

I had a drawing the other day here at “Tickled Pink Tammy.” The winner was to be drawn on Saturday morning! Guess what…I forgot to post the winner. I did the drawing, then walked away from the computer. I got so involved in starting to cut through the massive amount of “stuff” stored in the basement to be donated,  that I forgot to go back and finish what I started!

Anybody else relate to that scenario?

Without further time wasting – the winner of Saturday’s drawing is….Janice!!!

I will deliver your goodies this week, Janice! No really, I will! Plus, I can sneak a peak at those lovelies coming off the Gammill in your studio! Tee Hee Hee!!

And while we are all talking about Janice, the winner, I would like to take this moment and say a word or two about this fine lady. I can do that, because it’s my blog!

This lady is a fine lady. She is a professional quilter whose work wins ribbons upon ribbons upon ribbons for quilters in our area. Her own personal quilts are beautiful as well with some ribbons on their own. Many ladies will show their quilts at show and tell at local quilt guild meetings and will others will immediately ask, “who did your quilting, Janice? Yep, it looks like her work.” Not only is she a wonderful quilter, but she is a very kind hearted woman to all who cross her path. There are so many things I’d love to share about her, but I’m thinking she just may smack me for gushing over her when I deliver her winnings!

But what I would love for you to do, is check out her new blog she started this year (as well as her business sites). I now see she has another talent with this new blog! I am so excited to count this lady as my friend. Love you, Janice!

Check out her blog Janice Loves to Quilt or check out her Facebook page for her business: Ewetree or check our her webpage Ewetree should you need her beautiful services. Just click on the links within the last sentence to get to know one of my quilting friends a little bit more! It will be well worth the visit!!

And with that my dear “Tickled Pink” friends, I will close out this post. As I sit here in the beautiful and warm sunshine beating in the window at my local Panera’s, my prayer for you this week is to find something that makes you laugh. It’s not that hard if you try!

Whaddya say – anything make you just “Tickled Pink” this week? Don’t keep it to yourself, share it will all of us!

Now…share below what has brought laughter or at least a smile into your life this week, but only  AFTER you go visit my friend Janice’s sites to see all the beautiful quilts she has done! Hey, consider it a free quilt show, no admission cost!

…and that’s all I have to say about that!


2 thoughts on “I Had A Winner!

  1. Aw shucks. Looking forward to seeing you! Present or no…but i LOVE presents. My web site will be updated soon. It is being revamped and should be ready with lots of new things and WAY BETTER PICTURES! Love you too, girl.

  2. It was great to see you! And I always love peeking in your studio at what beautiful quilt is on the Gammill for the day! Today’s treat…a T-shirt quilt. I love those! So many memories built into a wonderful quilt to cherish for ever. The lucky recipient of the one today – a grad going off to college. Brings back the couple I made for my kiddo when she went off to college!

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