Yep – You Could Say I Am Ornery!

This past weekend, I got to spend a full day with my quilting friends I haven’t seen for a long time.  The guild meeting night is the same night as one of my hubby’s office hours.  He’s a Licensed Massage Therapist – and I work for him.

The weekend was the quild’s annual Quilting Getaway.  We always go away to Amish Country here in Ohio about an hour’s drive from where we live.  When the hubby was in school for his “second half of life career”, my quilt group let him come down to get clinical hours.  They loved it so much that he has become a regular for this yearly event.  Trouble has it, they usually ask if he’s coming this year before they ask if I am!  No worries, I think I’m still welcome…as long as I bring him along!

Seeing everyone this weekend reminded me of a getaway a few years back which made me laugh.  A quilter who had been in the guild years before had come along to sew with us this particular getaway.  This quilter is a fabulous quilter and very meticulous in her work.  I’m always in awe of her color choice, perfect corners and the overall look of her quilts when she is finished.  As if her work isn’t superb enough, she always has another one of my quilting friends do the actual machine quilting when she is done.  The machine quilter is also phenomenal.  So, you put these two together on a quilt and WOW! (By the way, hello to this machine quilter who pops in here on occasion!)

Back to that weekend.  My quilty friend was placing her 1/2 square triangles on her flannel wall to be able to see her work as she built it.  She would diligently sew, then place a few blocks on her board, back to sew, etc.

Well, she made the mistake of going out to grab a little dinner with some of the other girls.

As a fellow quilter, I will tell you that with the amount of work she does on her pieces, I’m not about to totally re-arrange them or anything that drastic.  But let’s just say I “blinged out” her quilt.  Just a little!

Most of the crew was gone, so I only had a few witnesses.  I had bought some really wild black and white swirly fabric and decided I was going to find a spot to add to her beauty! Nobody had actually seen my fabric, so it wasn’t going to be easy for her to figure it out quickly.  Those of us who were there were betting on how long it would take her to find the little 1/2 square triangle in the mass of triangles that were already on the flannel board.

I took down a block and traced with a piece of paper, the exact size of fabric I would need for the spot I wanted.  Then I cut it out and found a spot that had not been sewn together yet and replaced the triangle.  Her fabrics were darks, so it didn’t really stand out too much.  It did look like it was sewn into the row, though. Hehehehe

All of the girls started to return and we all got back to working and yakking!  Nobody said a word about our friend’s misplaced triangle.

She started sewing away.  Once she had sewn a whole row together, she got up and placed it on her flannel board.  Once she placed it up there, she stood back and was looking at how she placed her colors in relation to the other rows. All of us that had stayed back were watching her out of the corners of our eyes.  Nobody said anything.  Others around us, though, started noticing us watching and started whispering, “what’s everybody watching her for?”

All of a sudden she walked up to her quilt on the wall and zeroed in on the lone black and white swirly triangle and yanked it off!  She then looked around the room, but nobody spoke or broke a smile.  She just eyed us all up, then looked back at me and said, “I bet YOU did this!”

Then the entire room busted out laughing.  This quilter is so meticulous about her quilting like I said, that everyone figured I had just given her a heart attack that her quilt was out of sorts!

No worries though, we are still friends.  She forgave me, but threatened that she would be watching me and her quilt the rest of the weekend!  She did admit that when she finally caught what was wrong, she thought for sure that someone had actually taken her block apart and sewn that triangle into it.  Then she
realized that she hadn’t connected the row entirely yet, so her pulse slowed back down!

The moral of the story here, always watch your work, no matter what it is, if you leave it out while you leave the room.  Or is the moral – always watch your work when ornery Tammy is around?

…and that’s all I have to say about that!


2 thoughts on “Yep – You Could Say I Am Ornery!

  1. Ha ha ha.Last year I went to a retreat and somone kidnapped a frog. His name is Barfy. Barfy had some mighty fine adventures before his “mom” got back. On another retreat someone’s sewing machine went missing. Needless to say, a retreat is the place to go for some great belly laughs and time well spent with like minded people.

  2. Oh my goodness! A sewing machine vanished?! That could cause someone to be wearing an orange jumpsuit if the machine didn’t come back fast! You are so right – there is nothing like a great retreat to hang with friends who enjoy the same thing as you do. The laughter that ensues while on a retreat is so needed by most any one! And the stories to tell that come from a retreat….well, priceless!

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