I’m Traveling Again! Well, Cyberly That Is!

Greetings!  I am traveling through Cyberspace again today!  I had the honor of being “interviewed” by a fellow She Speaks Graduate recently.  It was fun and made me think hard!  You can find my interview over at Lynnette’s place!  While you are there, please check out the rest of her blog.  I’m sure you will enjoy her writing.

Wait, wait…..

Before you go over there, I have a little something for you today that will make you giggle!  AND it will all be at my expense!  Usually, I’m sharing about the hubster’s antics (oh, but he’s just such good fodder!), however, today I’m telling on moi!

The other day, I was at the Apple Store having one of my “OnetoOne” Sessions.  I’ve done a few, know the drill to get in and set up, so I was setting up my laptop and getting ready for my session.  The store was packed as usual and there was a lot going on all around me.  A large man had sat down at the projects table just as I was setting up and well, let’s just say he was making a great effort at taking up a large amount of space while huffing and letting everyone know he was tired of waiting.

I was having a time trying to kindly set up my stuff for my scheduled session working around him.  I was trying to be courteous, though he was going to have no part of moving from this table with a sign on it stating it’s for Projects.  He kept looking over his shoulder and glaring at me as if “I” were the one in the way.  Oh, did I ever want to pull an only child on him!  BUT – that still small voice in my conscience kept reminding me–“It’s not ALL about you, dear child.”  Oh yeah?

I kept looking over at the Apple Trainer working with the other lady and then looking at him hoping she would politely, but with Apple Authority,  ask him to move over so that the person who had a scheduled class could set up and plug in her laptop.

No chance.  She just smiled back at me.

Frustrated, I kept thinking….I need attention here.  I need someone to help me, because I’m not sure I will be kind to this man, who by the way, has now decided to lean his chin on his hand and lean backwards onto me taking up yet more room.

So, I did want anyone wanting attention would do.  I got it!


With my little “issue” (or rather large) now leaning into me and my A.D.D. taking over with all of the commotion in the store, I not so gently reached passed the man and took the power cord out of the store laptop to hook into mine for the my hour long class.

One problem.

It wasn’t the power cord.

Oh yeah – I set off the store security that just about made me pee my pants!  In my A.D.D. moment, I pulled on the USB cord placed right next to the power cord.  Why did they have to put it in that hole, couldn’t they have used the one two away from the power cord hole?  Crazy idea!

So, I did want any intelligent person would do who set off a security alarm.  I pointed to the man’s back next to me!  HA!  That’ll teach you to sit with your back up against me!

Oh – and NOW the Apple Trainer four steps away from me gave me some attention!  And so did three other Apple Employees as they all crawled under the table to get the alarm to stop screaming and re-set it  for the next bozo!

So – kids, the moral of this little story.  If you’re starved for some attention, why not trot over to the Apple store and pull out one of the security USB cords that don’t say “security” on them!  You may get a little more attention than you wanted – but hey, attention is attention, right?

…and that’s all I have to say about that!

I’d love to hear about a crazy thing you’ve done that brought you some attention, even though that was not your intention!  Share a comment below – and let us share a laugh with you.

Remember, you can always reach me here in the Comment Section or by e-mail:  t.karasek@yahoo.com

Have a “Tickled Pink” day!


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