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Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

It’s Wednesday – so it’s book review day! This week I’m sharing the second book in the Christiansen Family Series. This week’s title is It Had to be You by Susan May Warren. 

This story is about child number two, Eden Christiansen. Eden is a reporter living in Minneapolis, a little away from the family. However, she feels very stuck in her life. She is wanting something more. And boy does she get it!

I can’t help but tell you that I am a fan of Susan May Warren’s writing, so it would be hard for me to tell you that her stories are not enjoyable to read! She captures you right from the beginning and draws you into all the family drama! You want to…no NEED to find out what happens next! For me that is a good book.

In this story, with her brothers very into Hockey, one being a Pro,  Eden just may find herself mixed up with her own personal Hockey Love!

Another book to add to your reading corner stack on the table! Definitely a good book.

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Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

It’s Wednesday again, and this week I’d like to share a book that is part of a six part series by Susan May Warren. I will try to keep them in order rather than switch them around like I did with Lynette’s series! Susie May’s first book in the Christiansen Family novels is Take a Chance on Me. 

I really like how the author starts each of the books with a letter from the mother in the series to one of her children. It gives you the hint of whom the book will mostly be about. Each letter is like a sweet love letter to that child. I liked that!

Book one is about Darek, the oldest Christiansen child. The story takes place in Deep Haven, Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Christiansen own a summer campgrounds, Evergreen Resort, on Evergreen Lake. It has been in the family since the early nineteen hundreds. Derek is quite the catch, but since the tragic death of his wife, nobody has shown any interest. He’s quite bitter and angry and keeps to himself. He has a little boy he calls Tiger and that is who he focuses his attention on. He is the only child of the six who helps out with the Resort.

Then there is Ivy, the new attorney in town. She loves the small town community and decides to go to the local VFW for the Deep Haven Emergency Services annual charity auction for something to do. She quickly realizes the auction is for the eligible bachelors in town. She meets a nice couple as she goes in and they invite her to come with them as they fill her in on the auction. She asks her new friend, Noelle, if she should bid on the guy on the stage, but Noelle tells her to save her money for Owen Christiansen – the local celebrity, wild-boy, pro-hockey playing brother of the Christiansen clan. Ivy thinks that maybe she should bid on somebody since that might be a way to be shown around her new town – of one day!  When she heard his name called, she got ready to bid. But she noticed that nobody was bidding on him. She felt bad for him and yelled out $500. She glanced over to Noelle and she informed Ivy she had just bought his brother, Darek. Owen hadn’t shown up and someone talked Darek into going up on the stage. A decision he quickly regretted. The look on everyone’s eyes told her she must have bought the pariah of Deep Haven. Then Noelle said, “Brace yourself, honey. You’ve just purchased the most ineligible eligible bachelor in town.”

Although a friendship began, you wonder what will happen when the truth comes out that Ivy was the attorney that crafted a plea bargain a couple years ago for a local guy, Jensen Atwood, to keep him out of jail. Long-time rivalry between Darek and Jensen through their school years and their fight to win Felicity’s heart has never ended even though Darek won the girl. But oh the tension when Darek realizes that it was Ivy that let his wife’s murderer out. Though not an actual murder, that’s how Darek feels.

The roller coaster ride of excitement in this book of nearly 400 pages doesn’t end with this book! And for that I’m happy! Each of the books will center on one of the six Christiansen children, yet each of the books carry on a little more of the previous book! It is definitely a well crafted reading series. I highly recommend it.

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Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!


Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

This week I’m sharing about a great book which is the beginning of a series. The book is:  Wild Montana Skies by Susan May Warren, part of the Montana Rescue Series. I’m really excited, too, because I pre-ordered book #2 in the series way back in November and just received an email yesterday that it is on the way! Woohoo! I enjoyed book #1 so much, I had to order #2 to follow along with the characters, right?

And making it even more fun was meeting Susan May Warren when I was back in Ohio in October! Even more exciting for me is that she is my writing coach through her online course I’m taking through Novel Academy! I’ve read many of her books in 2016 and I will be sharing them throughout this year.

But back to Wild Montana Skies!

First I’d like to say that what I love most about Susie’s writings is that she makes you feel like you are watching a movie! Her descriptives are in full color. You can see the scenes happening as you read along. That’s the biggest reason I am drawn to her books. That and the fact that she gets you so involved with the characters, you can’t put the book down! You just have to see what is going to happen next! That’s a good book!

The book starts with Kacey returning to her hometown. She wanted badly to quietly cruise in without any fanfare. Wanted to stop for a bite to eat after the long drive in. Hoping to stop at the Gray Pony, a hometown favorite for the best ribs and homemade root beer. Also hoping, nobody would recognize her since she’d been gone a while.

Of course, that’s not going to happen, right? Just when you wish you could slide in and be unseen, something happens and you’ve been found out!

As the story unfolds, old loves meet up, old memories are stirred, danger for many of the towns’ people grows and some split decisions need to be made. On many fronts.

I couldn’t put the book down (as usual with Susie’s books!) and read it over a 24 hour period. It kept my attention and of course I had to see what happened with Kacey and Audrey and Ben and Chet and Kacey’s parents…

If you’re looking for a new fiction series to start, I would recommend this one for sure!





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