Happy Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday, Tickled Pink!

Yes indeedy, today this Tickled Pink Tammy blog turns three years old! WooHoooo!

I’m going to let you in on a secret…Tickled Pink Tammy is moving to a new “home” soon! I’ve been working on it, but it’s just not quite ready yet. Oh, the address is selected, but I’m still working on the decorating so you’ll just have to wait a bit to see it. Don’t worry, it won’t be much longer, just a few more details to do.

I will be posting soon what the new address is. I am hoping you will come on over and check it out when it’s all freshly painted and decorated, so to speak.

I have appreciated all the support and encouragement you all have given me here at this address. I truly do enjoy your conversations! I also hope that you will come over and subscribe to the new address and take part in some great fun! I will be keeping the Tickled Pink Tammy theme, but I will be adding more to what I’ve been doing here. It’s been on my mind to do it, and rather than adding another blog, I prayed long and hard and decided to blend them together. There will still be some truly hilarious Tickled Pink stories, but I’ll also be sharing my “deep” side…yeah – I really have one!

So stay tuned here in January for the announcement of the new address. I’d give it to you now, but what fun would that be to see it all plain and boring. That’s just not me!

Thanks for following along these past three years – looking forward to spending more with you over at the new address!

…and that’s all I have to say about that!