Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!


If you haven’t finished Christmas shopping for the young ones on your list, may I suggest a book series? I fell in love with the background of this series while taking a class from the author, Paula Mowery, at The Blue Ridge Christian Writer’s Conference this past May. I’m just “Tickled Pink” to share about this series with you today — just in time for Christmas!

In trying to get young children interested in reading and writing, she started a blog about a young girl the same age as the class she was teaching. It was a kindergarten class and so Miss Chloe Ann Parker was also a kindergartener. The kids would read all about the antics and issues Chloe Ann was going through as she acclimated to a new school. Mrs. Mowery said the kids got so into the story, they would even have their parents pull it up at home over the weekend on their smart phones so they could read the next part of the story. They didn’t want to wait until Monday’s class!

Mrs. Mowery would have conversations throughout the week with the children as they would tell her all about what “problems” they were having like someone pushing someone on the playground, somebody cutting in line or another person broke a pencil that didn’t belong to them. And low and behold, Miss Chloe Ann had some of those same problems as well.

It became such a hit that she has continued it on, with Chloe Ann Parker now being a third grader. The children still follow along and also give her more ideas, too!

I was fortunate to read the newest book to review for the author. Knowing the background of the book made it that much sweeter. The blog is still going for the children, too.

If you have young ones in your home — or maybe you have grandchildren, I think this series would be a great one to get and read along. Or if you’re like me (or my friend, Michelle) we enjoy young adult books, too! Christmas break would be a great time to read together under a cozy quilt with a side of hot chocolate!


Here’s the interview I had with Paula Mowery, author:

Where did the story of Chloe Ann come from for you?

Paula: For four and a half years before this school year (2017), I worked in a Title 1 school. I was visiting classrooms, doing writing lessons. I told the kids the best way to improve writing is through reading. Realizing many of our kids didn’t have access to reading material, I decided to create a character and have her story play out weekly on a blog. Thus, Chloe Ann Parker was born.

Do the students in your class ever ask you “which one is me?” in the stories?

Paula: Nope. The first grade teacher and I sent home permission slips for including first names. Now, normally it’s hard to get forms back, but I got every one of those papers back. Each week I would meet with that group and get their input on the story. When I returned the next week, before we jumped into creating the story for that week, I would read the post from the week before. They heard their names. When the first grade book came out, I marked with small post-it notes each name mentioned throughout the book. Each student signed their name on a page with their name mentioned.

The third book in the series came out this summer, is that Chloe’s second grade?

Paula: Actually, Chloe is still in first grade in the third book. She gets a little surprise in that book.

How many grades can we count on for the adventures of Miss Chloe Ann?

Paula: I hope to write her series at least through the elementary grades – fifth grade.

Do I remember correctly that you have color pages for the readers?

Paula: Yes, my illustrator has created a coloring page for each book that is out so far. They are located on the blog under the Chloe’s Stuff tab.

Where can others find your books?

Paula: The books are available in digital and print formats on Amazon. Also check out the blog, to follow her story and be informed when another of her books releases.


Please add anything you would like others to know.

Paula: I wanted to make sure Chloe’s books were what the kids wanted to read and concerned them. That’s the reason I met with the kids and got their input. There’s much discussion on making children’s books appeal to parents because they buy them. But I’m happy to report that adults enjoy Chloe’s adventures too. My mother has passed the whole series up to this point around to her Sunday school class, and those women report they love Chloe too.

I just really want to encourage kids to read and write. It’s my fun!


Paula Mowery has always been an avid reader of Christian fiction, especially
romances of all sub-genres. She holds a Master of Education and taught
English/Language Arts in public school and then came home to educate her
own daughter, first through twelfth grades. She teaches at writing conferences
such as the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference.
TAG,Tomorrow’s Author Guild, is a pilot program she is currently creating in which
she teaches and designs writing lessons to encourage young writers as well
as assisting teachers with writing instruction.
Paula is a published author in Christian fiction. One reviewer stated that her writing “thunders with emotion.” Her novella, Be The Blessing, won the 2014 Selah Award. Her story, The Prayer Shawl, from the book, Legacy and Love, was a finalist in The Carolyn Readers’ Choice Awards from North Texas Romance Writers of America. Her devotions have also been included in several devotional anthologies.
Connect with her on her blog —
T. A. G. stands for Tomorrow’s Author Guild. The goal of this program is to encourage the writers of the future. Because lack of purpose can equal lack of motivation, writing lessons are created and taught with the aim of sparking interest in the student and providing a platform in which to practice good writing skills. The writing lessons are created to help alleviate some of the pressure and demands of teachers so that they can accomplish the writing objectives in fresh ways.
The TAG blog is where Chloe Ann Parker was born. The story is set in West Elementary School
and includes people from the school as secondary characters. Chloe’s story has appeared in a
serialized and somewhat condensed fashion as weekly posts at
I hope you enjoyed the interview and getting to hear a little snippet of how Chloe Ann Parker began! Better yet, I hope you will start the series with a special young someone in your life. And maybe even follow along on the blog, too.
Keep reading!

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

This week’s book is the first book of a series by Lynette Eason. I have not read any suspense books for a while, but I used to read a lot of them when I was younger. Having the joy of meeting Lynette in my new Writer’s Group here in South Carolina this summer, I wanted to check out one of her books. I was not disappointed. The name of this book is: Without Warning which is book number 1 in the Elite Guardians Series. I’m thrilled, too, because I just received book number 3 this past weekend! I pre-ordered it in November and it wasn’t released until January 31st. Did I ever mention, patience is not my strength?!

The story begins with Daniel Matthews, a restaurant owner, hard at work in his office. He has no idea what lies ahead for the day, but he’s about to find out. A strange noise continues to break his concentration until he couldn’t handle it any longer, he needs to find out what it is and where it’s coming from. He had no idea it would eventually lead him to a dead body.

From the very first chapter, I was pulled through an exciting, breath-holding story that I could not put down. With the amount of danger that continues to unfold, the need for bodyguards and investigators becomes completely necessary. But a team of female bodyguards? And in this type of constant danger?

The Elite Guardians prove time and time again, they are very well trained and can get the job done with ease. But what about when someone starts to have feelings for their bodyguard? Could it be? Would it work? Would it compromise the job at hand – the safety of the client? Or the bodyguard’s life as well?

I found myself so intrigued with what was coming next and I began to think the story would go a specific way and then it didn’t! It pulled me through to the end leaving me wanting more. And I literally went to the bookstore the next morning to pick up #2! I was hoping to get #3 at the same time, but realized it wasn’t due out until this winter. Oh well, good things come to those who wait, right?!

If you are looking for a twisting and turning story full of danger, wonder and maybe even a tad of romance for your next read, definitely check out Without Warning by Lynette Eason. You will not be disappointed!





If you’d like to order a copy for yourself, click the link below.


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Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

reading corner


This week’s book was an ebook, “I’m About To Get Up”  by Julie Hunt. If it would have been an actual paper book, I am very sure that it would have had many wrinkled pages for the water drips on it! My eyes seemed to have a little leaking problem – no that’s not true – a big leaking problem as I read this book. I am also on the Launch Team for this book as well. It was a true privilege to work with this author, Julie. She has a heart as big as the world and want’s people to know that grief will come, but through it all God gives us Hope.  

When I applied for the team last fall, I had no idea what was about to unfold in my life. Once approved, Julie sent a welcome and thank you email to all of us on the team and at the end asked if there was anything she could pray for us. When I read that email, I immediately responded with a…yes, I would love prayers as I had just received a call from the nursing home where my mom was telling me my mom is going downhill. We would be traveling from South Carolina back to Ohio where we had just moved from and I would appreciate prayers for the travels. She responded back quickly and said she would definitely be praying. And she checked in a couple of times.

I got busy going back and forth on the twenty hour round trip several times in October and November. While in Ohio for Thanksgiving weekend my mom breathed her last on November 25th. Back home in South Carolina a couple of days later, I was just sitting numb not knowing what to do next and looked down at my phone. An email popped up and it was Julie. She said God was nudging her to check in on me. She did not know that my mom was gone, but then once I told her offered prayer, a listening ear and hugs from her. And I knew she would. I share all of this because this is exactly what I meant by I had no idea that this book was going to be for me at “such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14b) Julie’s testimony and book were what I was going to need in the fall of 2016. Julie transparently shares the many years of grief that she has endured and knows from the depths of true sadness. Yet as you read through this book it is covered and loaded with joy.

Julie shares how she has lost so many dear people in her life, even her husband at a young age and yet, as you read her words, you want to sit across from her and ask how did she find the strength to smile, let alone get up and go on with life. But that’s exactly what she did.

This book isn’t a “read this and you’ll survive grief” book, it is a book of encouragement to see joy in ALL things. To seek the ONE that gives us that joy and to know that grief has no instruction manual. You do not get “X” number of days to grieve and then you must get on with it. You aren’t told that you have to grieve in a certain way. Julie makes it clear that everyone grieves in their own way, their own time and for as long as they need to. She shares how as she lost her husband who was dearly loved by so many people, she watched others grieve him as well. She became an observer. With her words of encouragement, she gives you the permission, so to speak, to be free to grieve how it best suits you.

She didn’t intend to write this book, until she scoured the bookstores for a “how-to book on grieving.” Her search ended up empty every time.  She wanted someone to help her who had been there to say “It’s going to be OK. You’re going to be OK. The madness will eventually stop and you’ll have moments of peace, even joy someday.” But it did not exist. Then she saw on the internet – “Write the book you want to read.”

She had received a journal from a friend two weeks after her husbands death. She journaled and journaled and this book is from that healing through her processing in that journal.

Yet, if you think this book is just about going through grief as a young widow. It is not that. Julie expands on the fact that we go through so many losses through our lives. And I love this from her book…

“Yes, loss has been a prevailing theme of my life, but each and every one has left increased courage and an undeniable truth: God is always with me and for me, drying every tear and instilling hope for tomorrow.”

If you have gone through a loss this year, loss of a loved one, loss of a pet, loss of a job, loss of a relationship, loss of life as you knew it or any other loss, I recommend you pick up this book and read it. I promise you by the end of the book, you will definitely feel like you are ready to shout…”It may be dark, but God is my light. And…I’m About to Get Up!”



Be Well!


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

reading corner

It’s Wednesday again! Time for another book share. This book was also given to me as part of the Launch Team. But this particular book is fun for me to be able to share with you. It was written by my friend back in Ohio! I got to meet her about two years ago as a fellow blogger. We met at good ol’ Panera for tea and had a lot of fun. So – about the book…

The name of this week’s book is: “Full: food, Jesus, and the battle for satisfaction” by Asheritah Ciuciu.

Since part of the deal of being on a Launch Team is to give an honest review of the book you receive, I will do just that. You must understand that it is MY opinion, and you can take it or leave it! But for the book, on a scale of 1-10, I give this book an easy eight. There are some things in the book that I have learned along the way already, so it wasn’t all new material to me – but for someone just new to this line of thinking, it’s some good stuff!

One of the things I do love about Asheritah’s style, is that it is written as if she is siting across the table with you. She is very eager for you to hear about the things she has learned as she prayed for God to take away the fixation with food. And think about it, most of us have just that – a fixation with food. Like Asheritah says in the book, not all have a fixation that overwhelms them, but if we are the keeper of the kitchen in our homes, we have to concentrate on getting the “3 squares” on the table pretty much every day. We aren’t that lucky to walk into the kitchen and the plan is made, groceries are bought and prepped and we have the perfect amount of time left to fix it properly and get it on the table AND it taste wonderful! Ahhh, but doesn’t that sound dreamy? I wish!

However, many of us go beyond that and constantly think about food. As if food would be that magic fix for what ails us! I can vouch for the fact that it isn’t and Asheritah shares her issue with that as well.

Asheritah does a great job of identifying the issues, next defining them, and then giving us practical steps to regain a healthy relationship with food. It is not a diet book, so you know. It’s a heart and soul book!

I would definitely recommend this book if you are ready to stop the merry-go-round of the love-hate relationship with food! After all, we still need to eat each day!

Here’s the book if you’d like to purchase it, and it also has a companion workbook:

Have a great week!

Tickled Pink Tammy-2




Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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Happy Sixth Birthday!

It’s true! Today marks the sixth anniversary that I have been blogging. Yet if you notice the date of the last blog post, I was MIA for 2016. To say it was a rough year would be an understatement. Though the  year was filled with heartache and sadness and changes it was also loaded with blessings from God. Over the next few months, I will share more about the lessons of 2016, but I wanted to start off with something new and exciting (I think!) for the blog this year. Some of the lessons I’ve learned were through reading. I’ve read my Bible as usual, but I have read a lot of other books as well. I always like seeing what others have read or are reading, so I’ve decided to add that feature here on the blog and start it today on it’s birthday! I will be calling it –

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

I hope you will join in the conversation. If you read the book, I really want you to share your thoughts on the book as well. Also, I hope you will comment on some of the favorites you’ve read lately, too.

So let’s get started!

reading corner

The first book I would like to share with you is one I finished right after Christmas. I was happily selected for several Book Launch Teams in 2016 and this book was one of them. But I have to confess, when I signed up for this team, I never felt it was going to be for my benefit. Fear? I don’t have deep fears holding me back from anything. Yes, I do sometimes get afraid in the dark due to some childhood circumstances of being left alone a lot for late nights, but it doesn’t hold me back from anything. The book I received is: “Fear Fighting, awaking courage to overcome your fears” by Kelly Balarie.

When I received it, my intention was to read it, give my honest review and share it with a couple people I felt could really use some help in this area. Let’s just say, I cannot pass it on, but will have to purchase them a copy because I underlined and wrote all over it in pink highlighter!

What I wasn’t prepared for was the realization that I really do have issues holding me back. A lot! And I never identified them as actual fear. The author works hard to help you identify the things that hold you back and then takes it one step further as to the “why” they hold you back. She speaks to the heart of fear sharing her struggles to let you know…she gets it.

It was really tough to come up with just one example to share with you (remember…the pink highlighter throughout?!), but one of my favs was this:

“What would happen if you were to walk throughout this world believing that not one grain of your worth, your call, or your identity depended on other people? Because let me tell you something: it doesn’t.”

It’s not like I have never heard that before, but through this chapter some of those fears were beginning to fall away that when I got to these few sentences, I heard them in a different way. Maybe it was the fact that I was more receptive to the message being shared.

I’d love to tell you more about the book, but I believe this is a book you should read for yourself. It will be well worth your time, but don’t just plan on sitting down and reading straight through it like a good novel. You will want to take your time and savor the lesson God is showing through Kelly’s words.

How about you – have you read this new book? Please share in the comments what you thought.





If you’d like to purchase the book, click on the link below to purchase your book at Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

I am an Affiliate for many of the items I recommend. Purchasing items through my website may result in a small commission from that company. I appreciate your purchase.