Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

It’s Wednesday again, dear reading buddies, and time for this week’s book review. I actually bought this book on Saturday at a mini writing conference I was attending, then read it on Sunday. Yep – it was a “cannot put it down” type of book! It’s from the Love Inspired/Suspense Books. I was excited to meet the author on Saturday and found out she lives just a few minutes away from me! How fun is that?! The book this week is Hidden Legacy written by Lynn Huggins Blackburn. This book is her second book and you can bet I will be getting the first one!

On with the book…

The book starts off perfectly drawing you in with the heroine, Caroline Harrison, walking into her ransacked home carrying a 16-month-old son in her arms. As she scans the room, she hears a sound in the back alerting her that someone is indeed still in the house. The scene continues on as Caroline begins the nerve-wracking attempt to get out before the intruder hears her inside. The author has written this for us as the reader so clearly, you feel you are watching her do this. And you even feel her anxiety of fumbling for keys in bag, trying to close the door quietly, etc. It definitely got my attention!

The book continues on with this type of pull with some twists and turns that you don’t see coming! Add in a little flame from high school that returns home to care for his ailing parents – who just so happens to be assigned to her case…and you can’t put the book down! You think you know what is going to happen, well, and then it doesn’t.

All in all, I believe this book is very well written. It is easy to read with great description that you truly do feel you are watching a movie. It is not hard to read and I found nothing that tripped me up in her style. It pulled me in right on the first page and wouldn’t let go of my attention all throughout the book. I like those kinds of books! What about you?

I highly recommend this book and hope you add it to your list of books to read soon!

Keep on readin’!




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Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

It’s Wednesday again, and this week I’d like to share a book that is part of a six part series by Susan May Warren. I will try to keep them in order rather than switch them around like I did with Lynette’s series! Susie May’s first book in the Christiansen Family novels is Take a Chance on Me. 

I really like how the author starts each of the books with a letter from the mother in the series to one of her children. It gives you the hint of whom the book will mostly be about. Each letter is like a sweet love letter to that child. I liked that!

Book one is about Darek, the oldest Christiansen child. The story takes place in Deep Haven, Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Christiansen own a summer campgrounds, Evergreen Resort, on Evergreen Lake. It has been in the family since the early nineteen hundreds. Derek is quite the catch, but since the tragic death of his wife, nobody has shown any interest. He’s quite bitter and angry and keeps to himself. He has a little boy he calls Tiger and that is who he focuses his attention on. He is the only child of the six who helps out with the Resort.

Then there is Ivy, the new attorney in town. She loves the small town community and decides to go to the local VFW for the Deep Haven Emergency Services annual charity auction for something to do. She quickly realizes the auction is for the eligible bachelors in town. She meets a nice couple as she goes in and they invite her to come with them as they fill her in on the auction. She asks her new friend, Noelle, if she should bid on the guy on the stage, but Noelle tells her to save her money for Owen Christiansen – the local celebrity, wild-boy, pro-hockey playing brother of the Christiansen clan. Ivy thinks that maybe she should bid on somebody since that might be a way to be shown around her new town – of one day!  When she heard his name called, she got ready to bid. But she noticed that nobody was bidding on him. She felt bad for him and yelled out $500. She glanced over to Noelle and she informed Ivy she had just bought his brother, Darek. Owen hadn’t shown up and someone talked Darek into going up on the stage. A decision he quickly regretted. The look on everyone’s eyes told her she must have bought the pariah of Deep Haven. Then Noelle said, “Brace yourself, honey. You’ve just purchased the most ineligible eligible bachelor in town.”

Although a friendship began, you wonder what will happen when the truth comes out that Ivy was the attorney that crafted a plea bargain a couple years ago for a local guy, Jensen Atwood, to keep him out of jail. Long-time rivalry between Darek and Jensen through their school years and their fight to win Felicity’s heart has never ended even though Darek won the girl. But oh the tension when Darek realizes that it was Ivy that let his wife’s murderer out. Though not an actual murder, that’s how Darek feels.

The roller coaster ride of excitement in this book of nearly 400 pages doesn’t end with this book! And for that I’m happy! Each of the books will center on one of the six Christiansen children, yet each of the books carry on a little more of the previous book! It is definitely a well crafted reading series. I highly recommend it.

Come join the Christiansen fan club!




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Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

I chose this week’s book, well, because it’s about cooking! And since I love to cook, I wanted to read a fun story about cooking and chefs and all things food related. I have to say this book most certainly delivered up a delicious story! The book is Dining with Joy A Lowcountry Novel by Rachel Hauck. This is the first book I have read by Rachel and I will definitely be reading more. Her story pulled me in at the get go and continued throughout the book.

The story is set in the Low Country of South Carolina and I love it over there by the coast. The story is about Joy Ballard, the host of Dining with Joy. Or rather, she became the host of the show when the host of Dining with Charles passed away. Charles was her dad. Joy had been the associate producer on the show. She knew her dad loved sharing all of his cooking creations with America, but the business and production side of the show was not his cup of tea. She wasn’t that interested in doing the cooking show – that was daddy’s love, definitely not hers. Definitely.

But she agreed to do it.

And then along comes a competition…a challenge. “Someone” is trying to prove Joy is a fake. A fraud in the kitchen. She has to do the competition or everyone will think she doesn’t know her way around a kitchen.

When things couldn’t get any busier or frustrating, along comes a man named Luke Redmond. He has a lot of baggage of his own. Not to mention, he owned a restaurant in Manhattan which he just recently lost to bankruptcy.

A little “simmering” started to happen and I’m not talking about the kind in a big pot on the stove!

I highly recommend this book. Definitely a fun read if you love cooking, Low Country Carolina and mismatched love interests!




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Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

It’s Wednesday again and time to share what I’ve read lately. I am still waiting for you to comment in the section below to give me ideas for new books to read, ya know!

This week’s book is one from a couple months ago. I was chosen to be on this launch team as well and it was another timely book for me. The book is: Worth Living by Mary DeMuth. I have read other books by Mary and have enjoyed them, so I thought this would probably be good as well. It was better than good! Because of my life of bullying by those close to me, my worthiness in my own eyes has been low or better described as non-existent. And Mary can relate to those feelings because of the things she endured during her childhood.

I started the book wanting to read quick to do the review. I had to stop myself at one point and start over. This time with pen in hand and read it more like a text book. I could never lend this particular book to anyone as I have underlined, made notes in the margin and even put my initials next to issues I think were mine as well as the author’s. The byline of this book – “how God’s wild love for you makes you worthy” is a phrase I wish I would have grasped a long time ago. Had I been able to see my worth in His eyes rather than those whose acceptance I so greatly desired, I know things would have been a whole lot different for me. And a whole lot better.

From Mary: “We battle unworthiness nearly every day, and in that struggle, we build walls of protection, ways of coping, patterns of thinking. These old walls must fall away for us to understand our worth in an entirely new light.”

What about you, do you see your worth in the words, acceptance or adoration of others around you? As Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that working for ya?” I recommend this book for anyone struggling to feel worthy. Maybe for yourself or someone you love.

Happy Reading!




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Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!


Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

As promised last week, I have another honest opinion about a recently read book that isn’t just nice things. The ebook is: Summer of Deception by Elva Cobb Martin. I do think the story idea is good. The biggest problem I had with the book was the amount of errors in the book. I double checked to see if I had received a pre-edit book for review, but I did not. I had hoped that was the case. One thing in the book that I know all you Ohio Buckeyes would die about, the author has one of the characters as a graduate of Ohio State University. I know you true Buckeyes will be yelling as you read that! I know, I know – it’s THE Ohio State University! If you’re from Ohio – that’s a no-no leaving off part of the title of the university!

I almost put the book down at the beginning, but I was curious to see if I could get past the errors and, like I said, the story line seemed somewhat interesting. I think with my background and degree being one of strict proofreading as my job, the errors just might have been an issue for me. I would have thought an editor would have caught them. Maybe others might not see the errors. It was just hard for me to ignore when there were so many.

I so want to say this was a wonderful book, but I said I would give honest reviews, so I cannot give it a two thumbs up. But I will give it a one thumb up for it’s cute story.

Share below some of the books you’ve read lately. Maybe there are some books I need to add to my ever growing Reading Corner pile!

Happy Reading!




I received an ebook copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

It’s Wednesday, and I’m up to my elbows in moving boxes and loading vans and trucks! But I wanted to share another book with you. Someone recently asked me if I only say nice things about all the books I read. I thought about it for a bit and said, well I try to find something of value of each that I read. Then within the last couple of weeks, the subject of book reviews has come up several times. And a common theme kept popping up. What do you do when you’ve been asked to read a book for a review or even purchased the book yourself, and the book just wasn’t good for you? I had to go back and ponder the first question of do you “only say nice things” about a book in a review. Saturday, 3/11, a speaker in one of the breakout sessions brought the subject up again! The point she was making was this:  if people are counting on reviews to decide to spend their hard earned money on a book, don’t you owe it to them to give your REAL opinion of the book? It is, in fact, your opinion, but if you are honest and say that it just didn’t do it for you, someone will appreciate your thoughts and may move on to another book that better suits them.

Well, I have recently read two books that “just didn’t work for me.” I will do one this week and the other one next week. Remember, this is only my opinion. Others may have read it and it was the best book they have ever read! (Maybe not–hehehe!)

This week’s book is What if God Wrote Your Bucket List?  52 Things You Don’t Want to Miss by Jay Payleitner. I co-lead a book study online with a friend and a group of ladies with this book. I can’t speak for all of the ladies, but I know a couple admitted they were looking forward to the topic. I, also, was excited. But it was short lived excitement.

As we progressed through the book, I didn’t feel like we were actually discussing “Bucket List” types of things. He did, however, give a lot a great ideas that we should be doing for other people on a regular basis. I wouldn’t think of any of these things as “Bucket List.”

For instance: See God as a loving Father. Put others ahead of yourself. Recognize the Ten Commandments. Love and be loved. These are all great things, but shouldn’t we do them on a regular basis?

The book itself isn’t bad, but I really feel that the title is very misleading. Out of the 52 things he mentions, I don’t think more than 5 were what I would consider “Bucket List” worthy. Maybe his title should have been more like: Living Life to the Fullest, 52 Things You Don’t Want to Miss. That would fit.

There you have it! Not all of my posts regarding books are only positive! I would recommend this book as a library rental. Not worth the retail price of $12.99.

Happy Reading!

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

Happy Wednesday! This week I have something different that recently came off of my “to be read” pile! The book is “The Engine 2 Seven-Day Resuce Diet by Rip Esselstyn. I have read Rip’s other two books, plus his father’s, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, and the cookbook done by his sister and mother, Jane Esselstyn and Ann Crile. I’ve also had the privilege to meet this family while I lived in Ohio. Rip now lives in Austin, Texas but comes “home” to Cleveland, Ohio often. I read Rip’s first book, The Engine 2 Diet several years ago when I first was thinking about a Whole Food, Plant Based Lifestyle. Then I read his father’s book, “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. His book most certainly got my attention since my dad died at the age of 58 when his heart blew up. Coincidently, he was eating breakfast in a greasy spoon little diner in Akron, Ohio when he died.

Why would I share this book with you? Great question. Whether you are into a Whole Food, Plant Based Lifestyle or not, this particular book of Rip’s could help a lot of people whether or not you want to stay on that lifestyle. The book is set up for just a seven-day “diet.” Rip asks you to do this just for seven days. SEVEN days! Most of us can do something for seven days. He used to suggest you follow this plan for 28 days, but then he did some research and found that most people saw tremendous results within the first seven days. Weight loss, drop in blood pressure, drop in cholesterol and even drop in sugar numbers. In seven days, people!

I did this in January and dropped 9 pounds in that week. It is definitely your normal count your points, starve yourself to death, weigh and measure your food kind of plan. This lets you eat large quantities of vegetables, beans, fruit, whole grains and you do not have that starving feeling at 7:05 pm each night wondering if you’ll make it until breakfast!

Wanna feel better? Need to drop a few pounds fast? Need to get those blood markers heading down in the right direction at your blood draws? Why not give this a chance. There is even a closed FB group where you can go for questions, successes, support – all things E2 Rescue Diet.

I recommend this book if you are looking for a jumpstart to your health! You’re worth caring for!

Happy Reading!




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Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

Happy Wednesday, everybody! I don’t know about you, but I am sure enjoying the increase in temperatures these days! I have another book for you today from Lynette Eason, called Always Watching. I am so enjoying her stories and writing style. As I have now read the first two of four books in the series, I am reminded of how much I enjoy reading suspense and mystery books. I was thinking the other day that back when I began reading the young adult books in grade school, I always picked out mysteries. I hadn’t thought about that in so long. Over the past few years, I have been reading more chick lit, love stories, self-help and cookbooks! But now that I’ve been reading author Eason’s books, I forgot how much I enjoy a good mystery/suspense!

On with the book…

This book is number one in the Elite Guardians series. Not sure if you’ll catch it, but I had just finished number two and posted about that over here before I gave you the review for book number one! Ooops!  I’m also excited that number three is sitting on the pile to read that I just got a couple of weeks ago. Oh, oh – number four was just released last week for pre-order. Oh yeah – it’s sitting in my Amazon cart waiting to receive the email that it has shipped sometime in July!!!

In Always Watching, we begin at a charity function with a person watching who was also watch her as well. Who was she, why was she glaring at her? Then she noticed. It was because of who she was with. She was more intrigued with the “man of the hour” getting the award and she realized the other woman was not happy that she was the person on his arm for the evening, not her. The end of the first chapter states that the woman who is the date for the man, had killed for him before.


So, of course…you must read on. Isn’t that what makes a good suspense novel? You have to find out why she killed for him and will she be killing for him tonight? Would she kill the elegantly dressed lady standing across the room glaring at her this evening?

As we continue through the book, we begin to meet the ladies of this bodyguard agency. Where most people would raise their eyebrows at an all women bodyguard agency, there were many in there area that would use nobody else.

With the strange stalker consuming the life of the popular radio psychiatrist, Wade Savage, the poison darts, bomb threats and other suspicious activity, you cannot put the book down until you see what happens to poor Mr. Savage. There is a lot of time spent with him by several of the bodyguards and he just might become smitten with one of them!

I loved this book (and number 2!) and I recommend it if you love a good suspense read! If you have read it or will be reading it, let me know if you figured out the ending before you got there! You may be surprised!

What on your reading table right now? I’d love to know what your reading. I’m always looking for good books to read and add to my list. Let me know in the comment section!

Happy Reading!




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Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

I have a really good recommendation this week for you! If you enjoy watching “Fixer Upper” on HGTV with Chip and Joanna Gaines, then you will love, love, love their new book just out recently. I was on the waiting list at my local library for it and it finally came in. I enjoyed it so much, that I began to read parts to my hubby. When I stopped reading and went on with my reading, he said, “hey, why did you stop, what’s next?” Yes, poor guy knows who they are as he has been stuck watching the show and waiting for the it to be over to gain back his remote. Although, if you ask me, I think he likes it but won’t admit it! He’s never gotten up and walked away!

The name of the book is “The Magnolia Story.” It gives us a glimpse into where it all began for Chip and JoJo (as Chip calls her!). It’s a story that makes you laugh (especially if you have seen the show), it makes you shake your head at the adversity they came through and it even makes you cry. The sweet lessons that Joanna teaches through her words were more than I expected to read in the book. And I was very pleasantly surprised. Her positive spirit. Their faith in God through ALL things is very admirable.

If you even slightly like watching “Fixer Upper”, then I highly recommend you read this one! You won’t be disappointed!





If you’d like to pick up a copy for yourself, click on the link below:

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Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

Whatcha Readin’ Wednesdays!

This week’s book was a fun little book to read. Again, I was honored to be on the Launch Team for this book as well. The book is: When You Find Another – a conversation about friendship…among friends” by Kay Harms. This book is a sweet book and would make a nice gift for a friend. It also offers questions in the back that you could make it a nice study book with a few ladies, friends or not. Maybe invite your neighbors over and it may open up a path to a new friendship!

She quotes C. S. Lewis with this:

“Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another, ‘What? You, too? I thought I was the only one!'”

The author, Kay, illustrates the types of friendships we have by using the analogy of apples. First she describes friendship in the first chapter. Then she takes the next few chapters to describe Red Delicious, Green Delicious, Golden Delicious and Bad Apple Friends. Her description of each friendship vs. apple is quite clever! I am not going to spoil the book by giving you the actual definition she chose for each apple, but I will tell you this: I have many Red Delicious Apples, a few Green Delicious Apples, a small handful of Golden Delicious Apples and I no longer have Bad Apples in my Basket of Friends! You’ll just have to get the book and find out what that all means!

Reading the book made me stop and ponder more than what kinds of “Apple” Friends I have. It made me think through what kind of “Apple” Friend I am to others around me in my friendship circle. I truly hope I am not a Bad Apple Friend.

Happy reading!




If you’d like to purchase a copy for yourself, click the Amazon link below:

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