On The Tenth Day Of Christmas!


I could tell by the package that it was going to be a stone. But, I had no idea what word would be on the stone! The word is perfect! Courageous. It will be a great reminder for me sitting on my desk as I work on my other blog and complete the book I am writing, that at times is getting rough for oh so many reasons!
Thanks for the encouragement, 25 days of Christmas friend! Love ya!
…and that’s all I have to say about that!

On The Ninth Day Of Christmas!


Oh, this is way cool! A battery operated light to help read with! I was looking at a clip on one at Barnes and Noble last Wednesday, but I didn’t think it would work since it was so tiny. But this bad boy looks great!  AND…’s the perfect color boys and girls!  It’s PINK!!!
Y’all have been pretty quiet lately out there, that must mean that you are busy doing fun Christmas stuff. So…share it with us here! What is something fun you have done or will be doing for this holiday? Hey, and if it’s a surprise for someone, your secret’s safe here, so share the details!
…and that’s all I have to say about that!

Five Minute Friday—LIVE!!!!!

Yes, tonight I am actually doing a Five Minute Friday with 70+ other Five Minute Friday Bloggers – LIVE!!! We are gathered with 400+ other Women Bloggers at Allume in Hershey, PA!!!

We are all awaiting the “word of the week”…So here we go!


So, here is our word and we were just told to GO!!  Voice!
Wow, when I think of voice, the first thing that comes to my mind is that I would go absolutely crazy if I lost my voice.  When I have lost it during a cold or flu, it seems to be the one thing about the sickness that most bothers me.
Because I love to talk.  Without a voice, it can be difficult for someone who is a chatty cathy!  I remember when I was younger my father would say – would you JUST. Take. A. Breather. Even a little one.  And unfortunately this happened often.  As an only child – there was never siblings to share that voice with, so it was shared with anyone who would hold still long enough!  If they moved, well, I would just move with them!
I have aged since that time.  Quite a bit, in fact.  But I still have that desire to use my Voice!  Those of you who know me personally can certainly attest to that!  
Voice – it’s a beautiful thing.  Unless of course you are my hubby, stuck in a car with me for a long ride to this conference.  There was a lot of Voice on my part being used on the drive, today!  
No, seriously…so much to say…so much Voice to be used…and so many miles to use it!
What about you?  Do you use your voice?  Use it now and share with me in the comments below!
…and that’s all I have to say about that!

Five Minute Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  What are you up to this fall day?  Me – I’m up to a new challenge.  I’m going to try to write along with 100+ writers who gather every Friday and write for five minutes flat without stopping or editing.  We don’t receive our word until Friday, so we have no chance to think ahead.  We just start a timer and write!  
I have to tell you, this was my most favorite thing my Senior year of high school in Creative Writing.  When I would walk into class and see the map pulled down – I was stoked!  I knew Mrs. Wangler had a word or topic for us to write non-stop until she told us “time’s up” under that map!  My friend, Rita, sat beside me and would moan.  She once asked me if I would write a whole bunch – then switch papers and write hers!  Wouldn’t have worked – she’s a lefty writing backhand and I’m a righty with big flowy letters!
So folks – here’s my first attempt at this Five Minute Friday write along!  If you’d like to know more about it or better yet, you would like to give it a try, click over here for that!
Ready?  Here goes…

Today’s word for Five Minute Friday is Grasp.  The first thoughts that come to me when I think of this word made me laugh.  No, seriously—I thought, Grasp, I cannot grasp that I’m this old already!
Then I started thinking about the fact that there are so many things in life that I cannot grasp.  I cannot grasp that there are things I can no longer do.  Whether it’s the fact that I’m this old or physically I just can’t do them, there are things I just cannot do anymore! 
Yet what I can grasp is the fact that God takes us to different points in our lives and gives us new things we can do.  When I was twenty years younger and raising a daughter – I couldn’t grasp where she would be at this age.  I couldn’t grasp that I would be working for the love of my life in our own business. 
Yet, through the years, God has guided us to each and every endeavor and equipped us to do what He needs us to do.  Whether we could grasp today or even the future…He ultimately knew what He would need us to do and when.

Well, there you have it! Unedited, no re-writes – just five minutes flat on the word grasp!  And you know what, I could have gone for five more minutes at least !  Haha!
…and that’s all I have to say about that!

Are You Social Media’d Up?

Working on some writing today and going back and forth with the different options out there now with our social media and a thought came to me!  If you’re in or near my age range, could you just imagine having a conversation with your grandparents about all this social media “stuff”?
I know my sweet Grandma Meade that I talk about often would probably just smile a great big smile, let out a little “humpf” and say something like, “what’s all this nonsense yur talkin’ ’bout’.  Social stuff on a thingy that just looks like a tv with a typewriter in it.  Why, back in my day when I was a youngin’, ifin’ you wanted to talk to somebody, why you’d jes’ pick up the earpiece, crank the handle an’ wait fer yur friend to pick up. Course, usually two or three times throughout the conversation I’d haf ta say…get off Nelly, I’m not callin’ on you – I’m a talkin’ to Jane.”
Yet, I can still imagine telling her something like this just to see her reaction (yeah, I’m ornery!):
    Well, yes, Grandma, I am now Facebooked.  No, it didn’t hurt, I didn’t actually get a book in the face.  I’ve also been tweeted and have tweeted…NO it’s not watchur thinkin’-don’t go there! I’m all linked in, but for what I’m not totally sure yet, but I’m linked in nonetheless!  I also have Klout – whoohoo for me!  I’m also proud to tell you I have lots of pinterests, what?  No – it’s not the interests of pins.  Oh and I’m all about the hoot suite…no, it’s not the funny room at the hotel. Ahhhh! Wait, Grandma, there is more.  I’m short stacked, too.  I’m blogged down–but it’s a good thing.  I’ve also been  in a word press…no, no – not a wine press.  Oh…forget it.
I’m just too social media pooped out to explain it all.  Sigh…
I’m curious today, what are all of you “hooked in” for social media purposes?  What are the different things you couldn’t live without now that you bit the bullet and signed in/up?  What could you live without?  Please leave a comment below and share with us what your thoughts are on Social Media! Disclaimer:  I’m not actually all hooked into all of those I wrote about above…at least not yet!
…and that’s all I have to say about that!

I’m Back!

Well hello there, bloggity friends!  Do you remember me?  It’s been way too long that I have been here with ya’ll!  The couple months have been quite a whirlwind, to say the least.  When I realized how long it has been that I haven’t been here “chatting” with you, I was sad.  So, I’ve decided to kick it into gear and get back into the saddle so to speak.  (Literally, so to speak – because me and horses don’t do well!)

I do want to thank all of you who sent us prayers and well wishes through April and May when my hubby’s father took a turn downward in his health and then passed away on May 15th.  It was a sad time of course, but my hubby is at great peace knowing that his dad is out of pain and discomfort and resting with Jesus in Heaven.  I shared all of your kind words with him and he was touched.  From our family to you, thank you, thank you!

Though I have been gone from here a tad too long, as is usual for me I have been laughing myself through that absence!  You that have followed along with me for a while know that I can always find something to laugh about even when it seems there is nothing to laugh at.

For instance, here’s just one example of a laughingly good time had through a most sad time.  I decided to make a photo board to have at the graveside service since we did not do calling hours for my father-in-law.  I told my husband that he needed to come help me.  His comment was, “No, you’re the one into the scrapbook stuff, you do it.”

To which I replied, “Nope, it’s your dad and I want you to pick out the pictures.”  However, what I was up to is that I knew going through the pictures would be so good for him and I wanted him to have the choice in the photos that would be on the board.  Well, in no time we were sitting downstairs with photos all over the table and digging through more and more!  We were laughing and remembering some really funny times with his dad.  My hubby always says he doesn’t have a good memory, but those photos sure helped prove him a little wrong.  Quickly, he was able to recall some pretty hilarious stories about his dad or things  his dad has said.  We were laughing.  And laughing hard!

Are you a photo taker?  Do you find that having those photos help to bring back memories for you as well?  What do you do with your photos – hang them up, scrapbook them, put in boxes?

It’s good to be back here with you.  In case you thought that I’ve flew the coup, I haven’t.  I’ve been here, laughing my way through life and collecting some more stories to share with you to cause YOU to become “Tickled Pink” right along with me!

…and that’s all I have to say about that!

But wait…one more thing – what have all of you been up to lately, besides cooking in this heat?  Please share, you know I love hearing from you!


Are You a Leftie or Not?

In case you haven’t noticed, Baseball season is upon us.  While watching the Indians game last night with hubby, I thought of an occurrence back in the day that “Tickled” me – then just turned me into a laughing fool as I tried to retell it to him.

Back in my late teens/early twenties, my girlfriend asked me to join her softball team as they needed more players.  I thought, “yeah, why not? That sounds like fun!”  And so I did.

I had never played on an organized and somewhat “official” team other than in gym class, so I would be considered a rookie.  A rather wet-behind-the-ears rookie at that.

Our coaches, Mr. B and Woody, were the most gentle, helpful and extremely patient coaches I think I have ever met or seen.  Of course, they probably needed to be so with a team of estrogen like ours!

Now, let’s be honest here.  I am a competitive type, but I have to admit that I only joined for the fun.  I’m always a party ready to happen. And truth be told, I wasn’t “in it to win it”! The other thing you need to know is that I am right handed.  Just sayin’!

We went through a few weeks of practices.  We did drills on catching, batting, trying everyone new out in positions to see where the right fit was.  Some were seasoned players and they knew where they would be.  The rest of us needed to be figured out.  I, personally, was looking for where I could find the most conversation!  HaHa  Needless to say, when they put me in Left Field the first game or two, I quickly told them it was not a good fit.  I mean, c’mon, do you ever see much fun happening out there?

I found a new home at Home Plate.  I became the Catcher.  Mr. B. decided to try me out there.  I liked it.  Except when we had the grumpy ol’ umpire that didn’t want to know what my day was like, geesh!

We were doing okay as far as wins/losses.  Weren’t the number one team, but weren’t the last place team either.  Then came the day when we had an away game.  We went out for some warm-ups, did some catching from the coaches and got ready to play.  

Then it’s my turn for my first “at bat”.

I walked up to the plate and stood to the right of the umpire and catcher.  All at once I hear my coach yell my name and I turned around.  Mr. B is shrugging his shoulders and has his hands up in the air.  I yelled back,  “isn’t it my turn?”

I turned back around and heard my team mates yelling, so I turned back to the bench again.  They were all waving their hands in a gesture that I translated to mean – hit it way out there. I wave back and yelled, “I got it!”

The umpire grumbles, “you ready?”

I said, “yep, let’s go!”

The pitcher pitched the ball and I hit it way out into center field.  I flung my bat and took off for first base.  I’m safe.  I looked back at the bench thinking they will be excited for me and they are all laughing and shaking their heads.  Both coaches are just smiling and shaking their heads as well.  Of course, I’m wanting to walk over and find out what’s so funny, but I have to wait.  And wait…

Next girl up, sent it over the fence and off I went.  She made it to third, I crossed home plate.

Huffing and puffing as I got to the bench, then Mr. B came over to me and said, “tell me, what hand do you write with? Are you a leftie?”

I replied, “no, I write with my right hand, why?”

At this point, he threw his hands in the air, threw his head back and laughed.  I looked over at the other coach, Woody, and he had his hand over his eyes, with his head down and is shaking his head.

I looked at the girls on the bench and they were all laughing.  I have now gotten ticked because nobody is letting me on this little joke.  I yelled, “what the heck is everybody laughing at?”  

Mr. B finally composes and said, “why did you walk up to that side of the plate?”

I replied, “what do you mean that side of the plate?”

Mr. B said, “if you are right handed, why did you walk up to that side of home plate?”

I looked at the bench and they are dying.  I looked back at the coaches and said in all seriousness, “well, when I walk over to home plate from the bench, I always walk right up to home plate, stand there and wait for a pitch.  That’s what I did today, what’s wrong with that?”

Well, everyone caught the problem but me!  Mr. B shook his head again and says, “well, if that works for you, just keep doing it!”  Then walked away shaking his head.

I finally am frustrated enough and asked coach Woody, “I’m not catching this, what was the problem?”

Woody, with the straightest face he could said, “well, this is the first game we have been on this side of home plate and you walked up to the plate and batted left handed.”

I pondered this enlightenment a moment, and then replied, “Oh.”

I have to say that when I got up for my second at bat, the pitcher was confused as all get out as I went to the correct side of home plate for a right handed batter.  She looked over at her coach as he checked his book, looked at me, looked at the book and just shook his head.

Yeah, I hit that ball that was pitched to me, too.

And made it to second base.

So there.

…and that’s all I have to say about that.


Can You Really Laugh Through All Things?

I believe the answer to that question is YES!
Most definitely, Yes!

If you’re missing me this week, have no fear, I’m still here in cyberspace!  It’s just that I’m visiting someone else’s blog on the west coast!  Too bad I didn’t get to fly out to write and post, huh?!
I’m posting on a blog that happens to be one that I follow regularly. I met Laurie at my She Speaks conference last July and she is such a sweet lady.  Her gentle temperment is admirable and her sweet smile is infectious! She’s a life coach who loves seeing people become confident in who they are and who God intended them to be.  Maybe she could help me!  Or you, if you’re in that spot in life.
Anyway, please come on over to Laurie’s blog and visit us by clicking here:  Living Power Life Coaching.  I’d love to hear what you have to say about my post today, so please pop back over here and leave me a message!
It’s such a gorgeous 72* weather here in Northeast Ohio it’s just making me “Tickled Pink.”  I hope the weather is beautiful where you are, too.  
Whether or not it’s nice out where you are, I dare you to find a reason to laugh today.  Your oblique muscles (stomach/side) are begging to be used today!  You wanna talk about some ab crunches – get your giggle on baby, tell me that doesn’t make those obliques tighten up!  Dare ya!
…and that’s all I have to say about that!

How to Decipher March’s Entrance!

We have all probably heard the old wives’ tale:  If March comes in like a lamb, it will go out like a lion or if in like a lion, then it will go out like a lamb.  Yet, here in Northeast Ohio, March has come in more like a lioamb or would it be a lamion.

March 1st and 2nd were rather non descript.  Not really a lion nor a lamb in terms of weather designation.  A little cool, some flurries, warm sun, then breezy cool air again.  That was just March 1st!

So, does that mean that all of March will be the same way?  Everyday is a roll of the dice as to what we will have.  Sometimes it matches the weather man’s prediction and sometimes not.

Those of us with sinus issues are having a wonderful time (cough-cough, insert sarcasm here!).  We walk around with headaches.  The weather stays the same a day or so and our headaches subside.  Then, the weather changes again, another headache comes.  Welcome to the land of ever changing weather and persistent headaches.  Yay Ohio!

My husband lovingly calls me during spring and fall,  “my own little barometer head.”  Which in my own warped mind, I have decided that it is a term of endearment.  Not in any way a sarcastic attempt to say,  “girl-you’re all messed up.”

As I sit here typing away, looking out the window, it has once again started to snow.  It’s the big flake, fluffy, pretty kind that doesn’t really stick to the ground.  THAT kind of snow I could handle a lot of.  However, as with most weather here, this won’t last long.  While we have light blue skies, a little gray cloud that moves over every now and then and drops some white fluff and a super high temperature of 28 degrees – have no fear my friends, tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny and 50 degrees!

I gotta go.  There’s a huge glass of water and a bottle of Motrin with my name written all over them!

…and that’s all I have to say about that.