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Looking for a Christmas gift for the young adult in your life? You know I’ll ALWAYS suggest a book! And I have one for you today, The Coronation by Livy Jarmusch. Not only is this book for a young adult, it was written by a twenty something young lady — how cool is that? Besides sharing with you a bit about the author, I’m able to also share an excerpt of her book! Make sure you read all the way to the end as her publisher is offering a Giveaway for a $20 Amazon gift card. Fun!



Excerpt of — The Coronation:

At ten o’clock sharp, Prince Addison was summoned to a downstairs parlor, a space most popularly dubbed as ‘The Courting Room.’ Addison’s crystal eyes grew wide as he was ushered inside.

Standing before him was a line of twelve ladies, all varying heights, hair colors, shades of skin, and facial features. When Deborah told him a few, he’d only expected two or three; not an entire room full!

They all curtsied upon his entrance, and Addison smiled politely. He felt as though he had stepped into the middle of a bizarre game show, like the 1970’s phenomenon, The Dating Game. He shook his head. Dazzling white teeth flashed from each flawless girl. This was too much. He turned to Deborah with pleading eyes begging to find a way out of this mess. But Deborah had her orders. She was to issue a meeting with twelve of the most well-bred, educated, classy, and beautiful young women from the guest list. All the ladies selected were from wealthy families, and believed to be solid wife material. Each girl in the room stood in an honored position. If one of these could capture the heart of the Prince, she had the chance to become Queen.

The nervous energy in that room was unparalleled to anything these young women had ever experienced before. After receiving the mind-blowing phone call late last night, some screamed with excitement, and others fainted. Hands shook in anticipation as they prepared themselves for hours, with curling irons, flat irons, cosmetics, and last-minute, midnight shopping trips. But now, no matter what great stress and torture they had put themselves (and the rest of their households) through before their encounter with the Prince, it was now forgotten. Preparation time was over. This was their moment to shine.

Addison forced a smile onto his face and began making his rounds about the room, welcoming each young lady and properly thanking her for attending. Addison’s blonde hair gently brushed just above his ears, making it the perfect length for Tarsurella’s swoon-worthy Prince. His strong, chiseled jaw and charismatic grin was too much perfection presented in one package, for the spastic fangirls to handle. But the crowning jewel of Addison’s flawless appearance was his sapphire eyes.

“Welcome,” Addison shook hands with the first girl in line, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The girl smelled strongly of hairspray and some kind of putrid, gag-worthy perfume. Addison felt as though he may be sick. He held back the cough that was surfacing.

“Thank you!” she gushed. “I’m so excited to be here! I cannot wait for the Coronation. It’s all we’ve been talking about at home. Edward Stefanick is designing my gown, and it is stunning! I can’t wait for you to see it!”

Addison kept the fake grin plastered to his face, “Ah, yes!” He pretended that her words interested him, “I’m sure it’s lovely.”

He casually inched himself closer to a nearby window and hoped to open it up without appearing too obvious. Perhaps the fall breeze would help dissipate the choking smell.

“Excuse me,” Addison smiled at another girl who stood in front of the window, “Do you mind if I just reach in here and–”

The girl’s face suddenly turned pale. She grew light headed, tossed a hand over her mouth, another on her stomach, and bolted from the room.

Addison shot a concerned glance toward Deborah. Deborah hurried out after her. Addison sighed. He felt bad for the poor girl. So many of these ladies had lost their minds over him. As flattering as it was at times to have so much attention and adoration from his female citizens, it was mostly annoying and disturbing. He knew that it came with the territory of being a Royal celebrity, but he blamed pop-culture for all the extra hype. Magazines and the media enjoyed obsessing over the bland details of Addison’s life, and reported them on the daily. Did so many people really care about what he had for breakfast that morning? Or whether he was a “cat person,” or a “dog person”? Apparently so, because the Royal fangirls excitedly ate up anything published about him. The young ladies in his Kingdom had puffed him up in their minds to be some sort of glorious fantasy. The idea of meeting the Prince made some of them go weak in the knees and lose every ounce of common sense they possessed. It was ridiculous.

“Oh my goodness!” A third girl pushed herself into Addison’s personal space and started talking, “I can’t believe that I’m actually meeting you! This is like a dream come true! When Mother told me that I would be attending your ball, I totally freaked out! I’ve been to some of your other events, like races and polo matches, and I was even at your sixteenth birthday party, but you’ve always been so busy mingling with others that we never got the chance to meet! I’m Adaline Shortmyers!”

“Pleasure to meet you,” Addison shook her hand, then another girl hopped into the conversation who smelled just like the first girl. But she was short, with jet black hair and snow-white skin. The oriental beauty reminded Addison somewhat of the Disney Princess, Mulan. Of all the Princess movies his younger sisters forced him to watch, he actually enjoyed that one.

“My name is Mim,” she spoke with a slight bow. “Your Governess, Mrs. Gram, has served my family as well.”

The fifth girl spoke up. “I wasn’t aware that the practice of having in-home governesses was still a thing in Tarsurella.” Addison remembered her from the profiles. Her name was Sapphire, and Addison thought the name suited her well. Her dazzling blue eyes sparkled and danced as she spoke, and she didn’t throw her words around nervously like the others had. The British girl presented herself with elegance, and grace. Her accent was quite captivating.

“Of course!” Mim replied. “I would guess that everyone in this room has been greatly influenced by the perks of a governess. At least, those who know how to conduct themselves in the presence of Royalty.” Mim’s comment was throwing some serious shade at the girl who had nearly thrown-up on Addison’s shoes.

“Isn’t that comment a little harsh?” A brunette from the other side of the room spoke up. All eyes darted across to her. “I didn’t have a governess; does that mean I shouldn’t be here?” She spoke with a flicker of sass and passion. Addison was surprised by her casual attire. She was the only one in the room who wasn’t flaunting a designer dress, high heels, and diamond jewelry. Her simple summer dress looked like something a normal person would wear on any other regular old day. Addison found it refreshing.

“Oh, you poor dear!” Sapphire called to her. “However, then, did you learn to prepare for social events and gatherings such as these?”

The spunky brunette fought back a laugh, but her brown eyes still showed it. “I learned everything you could possibly need to know about attending Royal functions from watching the Princess Diaries. Queen Clarisse is like a Royal Jedi-Ninja Master. I took lots of notes.” She winked.

Only a few of the girls laughed. The rest of them frowned at her.

Addison cocked his head, not at all sure who this girl was. “Excuse me if I’m being rude,” he crossed the room to speak with her, “but I don’t think I recognize you from the guest list.”

“Oh no, you wouldn’t,” the girl quickly explained, “I’m actually just visiting Tarsurella. I’m here at the palace on a trip with my parents, as a graduation gift. A few days ago I heard about this fundraiser the King is doing, to open up tickets to the public for your ball, in order to raise money for the homeless in Tarsurella. I thought it would be a really, uh, interesting opportunity, so I bought a ticket. I was about to fly home this morning, when last night someone invited me to this little shindig. So, yeah, that’s my slightly long and uninteresting backstory.”

“Lovely accent,” Sapphire shot a sarcastic arrow in the girl’s direction. “Tarsurella is changing so swiftly; it’s hard to keep up, isn’t it? Apparently, now American tourists can buy a lucky lottery ticket to fawn over Prince Addison for a day– what a charming little marketing plan!”

The American was all too aware of the shot of venom coming from Sapphire’s ruthless jab. Several other girls in the room turned their slithery grins upward in agreement. The outnumbered American couldn’t help but feel that she had been thrown into a pit of sparkly snakes. “Personally, I thought that a benefit to raise money for the homeless community in Tarsurella was a great idea. I’m sure I’m not the only American who finds it bitterly ironic, that one of the wealthiest nations in the world tragically allows two-and-ahalf percent of their population to be homeless and hungry as they roam drug-infested streets. Meanwhile, an abundance of Tarsurellian teens are spending thousands of dollars on their newest designer dresses and paying their uppity governesses.”

Addison almost smiled. The young woman’s comment of retaliation was brilliant. Addison was presently surprised to hear the passion behind her complaint. “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name?”

“Vanessa.” Her hazel eyes met his gaze. She placed uncertain hands in her flowery pockets, then removed them again, trying to remain respectful. All at once she remembered to state her last name, “Bennett.”

“It sounds as if you’ve done a lot of research about our homeless crisis,” he marveled. “What sparked your interest in Tarsurella’s humanitarian work?”

“I wouldn’t say that I am intrigued by the work you guys are doing, but more like the shamefully embarrassing lack of it.” Vanessa’s reply was cold, “I’m puzzled by the fact that such a wealthy nation hasn’t done more to provide answers for and assist those who so vitally need them.”

“My, my!” Sapphire gasped, “Those are some lofty opinions from a girl who lives in a country that is nineteen-trillion dollars in debt.”

“Girls, please!” a girl named Lilly Chesterfield spoke up. Addison recognized her.

Lilly’s fair skin was sprinkled with freckles, and her blazing red hair framed her lovely face. “Let’s not get into a heated game of ‘my country is better than your country’,” Lilly laughed. “We are not the sum of the choices our countries make. But, I’m sure we are all confident of the fact that Prince Addison is going to do a fantastic job leading Tarsurella. In fact, let’s have a toast! To Prince Addison, and the beautiful future that is in store for him and his nation!”

Addison smiled at Lilly, impressed with the gentle yet firm way she changed the subject. Addison had known Lilly for many years. Their parents had been longtime friends. Lilly lived at Chesterfield Manner, a spectacular horse farm just several miles down the road. Their family was known for breeding the most beautiful and strongest thoroughbreds in all of Tarsurella. Lilly had chatted with Addison at many local horse events in the community, such as races and polo matches. Lilly possessed a certain zest and excitement for life, horses, and being outdoors. With a sudden pang, Addison realized that Lilly reminded him far too much of his late mother.


About the Author:

Livy Jarmusch is a twenty-something author, singer, and songwriter. She enjoys crafting YA Christian fiction that is pure, lovely, inspirational, and of course, entertaining! When she’s not writing, you can usually find her playing guitar, blogging, drinking peppermint tea, connecting with new friends, planning her next trip to Disney, or pinning images of Europe and Golden Retriever Puppies.

Website: http://www.livylynnblog.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/livylynnlibrary
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/livylynnglittergirl
Twitter: https://twitter.com/livylynnmusic
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/LivyJarmusch


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