Is Your Christmas Perfect?



This post today is only going to be a teaser for you! I’m posting over at Ask God Today Ministries and I’ve done something today I have never done before! GASP!!! And I’m not telling what it is either either! What I will tell is that I’m actually tattling on myself. Yep, mmmhmmm!! I’m admitting something about myself and how I was schooled by a wee little one!

Oh yeah! But you are just going to have to click over here => Tammy Tattles on Herself!   But it does have something to do with



While you are over there, I (and the team!) would love for you to share a Christmas memory with us as we are all sharing with you this December.

And when you are done over there, come back here and tell me if what you read was what you were expecting about me! Hmmm, wait! Maybe I don’t wanna know that!


Tammy Sig

2 thoughts on “Is Your Christmas Perfect?

  1. Hi Tammy! You stopped by my blog tonight. I wanted to check out your blog. Love the pink. Especially the typewriter. I’ll have to visit Ask God Today! Blessings. 🙂

  2. Well Tammy, I am several months late reading your story. It brought tears to my eyes as I thought about what a beautiful young lady your little girl turned out to be. What magnificent parents you were and are. I hope you are blessed with many more beautiful Christmases.
    When I was a little girl my brother, Melvin, was relieved of his baby of the family status when I came along. It was not always pleasant as a sibling to him, but one Christmas I found a wind up kangaroo in my stocking that was just like his. We couldn’t play together with our toys because his was always “lost” when I asked him to. It was a few years before I realized he had given me his toy that year. So many years have gone by since he tragically left this world when I was 23. Thanks for the very sweet memory of a man I miss each day and a brother who truly loved me, he just sometimes had a hard time showing it.

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