Truly Tickled Pink Day!

I have to tell you, I had the most “Tickled Pink” kind of day today! Not only did I get an opportunity to hang out and/or meet some of my fellow Ohio Blogger friends, but we got the royal treatment from BJ’s Wholesale Club. 
By invitation, we were treated to a holiday tour of the items they are already getting in for the holidays from food, to gifts and everywhere in between. Many of you probably have been there before, but it’s been a while since I have been there. One thing for sure, I was stoked to see how many more veggies they have added since I was there last. And organics, too!!  Woot! Woot!
They sure had a lot of great holiday ideas for your entertaining needs. They were very gracious to us with providing what they called a tasting. This, my friends, was not your ordinary tasting…they gave us lunch! I took a couple pictures before all of the treats came out, but you can see that the table was already filling up.
Then we each received a Swag Bag that was amazing! The picture of this bag does not give it justice…you could place a small child in it!

Inside of the bag were some of the items which are in stock at BJ’s now. Of course this first item being chocolate, my hubby (a dedicated chocoholic) has already had one of the little bears! He said it was good! I’ll take his word for it.

These tags are really cool. They are 3-D and handmade. There are 60 tags in the package and they are like gifts in and of themselves!

Oh, and there is more…
We also got this neat Cheese Board Serving Set which they had on display with our “tasting” with Brie and Jarlsberg Cheese on it. This would be a great hostess gift. You can write on the slate and the little slate signs for the cheese, too. It also comes with the four tools.

AND – we received a large gift card, a free 90 day membership and our place card with our names on them. They sell those in a set which you could use for your dinner table as name cards or set them by cheese or dips to identify the treats. They are porcelain and easy to clean off for the next gathering!

While on the tour through the store, I got some great ideas for the holidays. Whether you need to feed a few or a large crowd there is plenty to choose from. I love cooking for people, so being able to find so many choices for vegetables and fruits for my dishes was well worth my time for the tour that’s for sure.
I liked to send a big shout out to BJ’s Wholesale Club (in North Canton) for the wonderful Blogger Tour today. It was an amazing time.
One more thing…they made sure to tell us that their Black Friday deals will begin on Sunday of Thanksgiving week. They WILL NOT be open at all on Thanksgiving as they want their employees to spend as much quality time with their families as possible. They will open on Black Friday at 7am, but no need to stand in line at 3am or fight the crowds as they will be sharing their deals the whole week. 
Hooray for thinking of the employees and their families!
…and that’s all I have to say about that!

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    1. Cindy–that’s funny! I know most people think I’m nuts because I don’t care that much for chocolate. At least there is never any fights over chocolate in our house!

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