The Weather Is Fickle!

Is it just me, or is anybody else having the most difficult time choosing what to wear each day during this fall season? I mean really. This is NOT making this girl very Tickled Pink at all! Honest to goodness, it seems that no matter what I decide to wear, it’s the wrong thing. Think about it, most of us have warm, consistent temperature homes. We have garages attached to our homes. So when you dress in the morning, go out the door and walk about ten steps to your car – how in the world are you supposed to know that it’s colder than it looks out the window! If you listen to the weather guy, 65 degrees sounded pretty warm during the 11 o’clock news last night. Yet somehow stores and restaurants never watch the news and set the thermostat as if it’s 25 degrees and snowing outside.

For instance, a couple weeks ago, we were having sort of an Indian Summer with temps in the 80’s. I loved it, a little extra summer and it was wonderful. Yet, when I went into any place of business,  it’s as if once September hits, the thermostats are automatically set for heat never to be changed again until May.

So you start to push up sleeves and you stand in line and fan yourself. You even start shaking the back of your shirt to make any kind of breeze that you can. C’mon man…when you are my age, your thermostat is already on heat most of the day and on occasion decides to crank up all on it’s own to the temperature of inferno. A girl can only take off so much in public! I mean seriously!

Apparently not all creatures are created alike as in male and female as they say! Take the other night when my hubby said, “When are we going to change to the flannel sheets? These sheets are chilly!”

I smiled and thought to myself, “Ha! Says who? You should lay on my side and feel how hot THOSE sheet are!”

It becomes a game during the night. Covers on. Twenty minutes later, covers off. An hour later, covers on. A little while later, covers off. Every. Stinking. Night!

So what on earth are you going to do? Well, I guess what I’m going to have to start doing is bringing several outfits in the car. Once I arrive at my destination, go in and check it out. Then if I need to make a wardrobe adjustment – I’m good to go! Can you just imagine? Sigh….

I guess I’ll just warn you now. If you’re out and about in the stores this Fall season and you see a woman in shorts, tank top and flip flops although it’s only 46 degrees outside – have no fear. It will just be me in my proper outfit for the store’s temperature!

…and that’s all I have to say about that!


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