You’re A Hero If You Don’t Steal It!

You read that correctly!

Last week on our local news, a story was shared that has made it across the country. I’m didn’t even pay attention to where it actually happened as I got so “Tickled Pink” by the newscaster’s response.

It was even on the Today show prior to being on our local news.

Maybe you heard about it. I’ll give a brief synopsis of the event:

A couple of young football players went to a store to buy something. Upon arriving, they pause at the door to apparently see if it has closed, but realize the door was still unlocked. They open the door and look in. Though they see nobody in the store, the door was unlocked and the lights were on so they entered. Then they proceeded to pick out the stuff they came for and approached the counter. In full view of the camera, they show what they picked out and laid the money on the counter. Making sure the camera records that they were being honest and paying for their items. 

As the local reporter here in Northeast Ohio was reporting the event, the other newscaster is totally dumbfounded by the whole chain of events. As the lady finishes the report, you see the camera pan across the whole desk and the male reporter sitting there with his mouth open. The lady looks at him oddly and begins to giggle. When he could hold it no longer, he replied…

“So now, if you go into a store that is left unlocked after closing, help yourself to what you want, leave the money on the counter to pay for what you’re taking – you’re a HERO? “

They proceed on with the rest of the news and sports for the show. At the end of the newscast, they have that last few moments where they sometimes laugh between each other about something that was shared during the show. You guessed it, he went back to it.

“Let me get this straight.  So now, you’re a HERO if you actually PAY for something which is what you’re supposed to do?”

This has made me “Tickled Pink” laughing at the newscaster clear into this week! Seriously though, he does have a point. These four football players were even interviewed to brag about their Hero-ness. I have to agree with the newsman as to why these kids are given Hero status for paying for something they should be paying for. Like now, if you don’t steal it and decide to pay for something that you take from a store, you’re a HERO!!! WooHoo!

Check it out:

So whaddya think? Should we start a new revolution? Should we all remind everyone we meet that we are Hero’s because we pay for our groceries, etc. when we go to the store?

…and that’s all I have to say about that!


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One thought on “You’re A Hero If You Don’t Steal It!

  1. Earlier this week I had the opportunity to stop at Hobby Lobby. Another lady (I didn’t know) and I were in the Christmas isle. We commented to each other how it seemed too soon for Christmas decorations. She commented “what’s even funnier is that we are standing here looking at them!” We shared a laugh and we each continued our shopping. I found a precious Baby’s first Christmas stocking and an owl ornament for my daughter-in-law. However when I reached to take the owl off the rack, I dropped it! I picked up the pieces, put them in my cart and very carefully selected another one and put it in my cart. I took my selections to the counter to pay and told the young gentleman I needed to pay for the one I broke. He had a smile on his face and slowly said “Okay”. I thought that is the proper thing to do since I broke the ornament. I reminded the guy that he didn’t need to put it with my other items and he just laughed. Made me feel good to do the right thing. I don’t know how many times I have seen broken ornaments and other broken items left on the shelf for the staff to take care of. Would this be considered a “hero” act?

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