I Really Do Have A Serious Side, Really!

I’m out and about visiting in Blog Land again! Today, I’ve been asked by my friend Stephanie to share a bit about my struggle with Postpartum Depression. Cough-cough…yeah, yeah – I know it wasn’t just last year…or the year before that! But, I went through a really rotten Postpartum time – and I made it!

So, if I can encourage someone else, I will give everything I’ve got to do that. For the longest time right after our child was born, I didn’t have anyone to go to and that just made it that much harder. Yet I want everyone to know that you do need to find someone who can help or that understands. You’re worth it!

Come on over and check out Stephanie’s Blog–Girl of Grace! And while you’re at it, read a short excerpt of my Postpartum time.

Looking back at that time in my life, I can actually find a lot to be “Tickled Pink” about. But boy, when I was going through it – it sure didn’t feel “Tickled Pink”!

My question to all of you today…what story about when you first had your children (by birth or adoption) that makes you “Tickled Pink” about now,  but at the time was miserable?

C’mon share, here! Let’s all laugh about it together!

…and that’s all I have to say about that!


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