Winter, Please Go Away!!!

For living in the Midwest all of my life, I am most certainly not fond of the winter weather we have. Though we have always been tied down here because of the hubby’s job, that is no longer the case and I’m beginning to get the itch to flee from cold midwest winters more and more.

Having our one and only child move off to South Carolina over Christmas does not help with that longing to move warm. Though I realize the grass is always greener when looking out the window to the other “lawn”. Having recently learned of the critters “Y’all” have down there, namely 6 poisonous snakes in the area she has relocated to has me slowing down ordering up the moving truck!

Until, that is, until we got hit with another blast of freezing rain/sleet/snow/crud this week and I think about just getting me a big shovel and a pair of cowboy boots. It has now finally made sense to me why boys AND girls where cowboy boots in the south! Varmit protection! Blech!

I don’t know about you, but I just don’t know how much more cold I am going to be able to take this year. Our condo is freezing to me and even with the heat on, I sit with a portable heater at my feet most of the time. Of course it could be the lofted ceilings graced with plastic skylights that don’t help the situation any! Nonetheless, I am SO ready for spring to get here. I am SO ready for the days to go no lower than 50 degrees. But alas, it is Ohio and I know this will not be here just quite yet. Sigh…….

So – in hoping for brighter days and some days where that big ol’ yellow ball beams from the sky down on our bodies filling us with natural Vitamin D, I offer you this prize package! You know I do a real scientific drawing of names out of the bowl, don’t you?!

Here’s what I’d like you to do this time to be entered into the drawing:

              Comment below and tell me if you LIKE or DISLIKE winter and why you feel that way!

That’s all – it’s not hard. But you can’t win the prize if you don’t leave a comment!!

Oh, did you want to see the prize? Well, okay – here it is:

The package is a mixture of Mary Englebreit fun things that have my feelings about winter written all over them…”Winter Schminter!” You’ll get a mini journal, note cards, shopping list, matching manicure set and then muffin papers complete with BLUEberry muffin mix! Your little BLUE package to chase the winter BLUES away!

So – enter your comment below so your name can go in the official drawing basket!

…and that’s all I have to say about that!


20 thoughts on “Winter, Please Go Away!!!

  1. At least you are not alone. I used to work at a factory and as awful as the job was, I LOVED to go to work EVERY DAY because it was HOT there and I was WARM all day long. Actually I worked second shift, so I was warm all evening. My solution to being cold is to go to bed and pull the covers over my head and wait for spring. It’s ALMOST HERE! The birds are courting in my yard.

    1. Yes, I’ve heard the birds here, too! Have you been down to see the Herons yet? Some were there two weeks ago. Real cool! Bet your kiddos would love it.

  2. Dislike isn’t a strong enough word! I loathe winter! But a friend called me out on my discontentment over winter last week, so I’m trying to be thankful in all circumstances… even when I’m shivering and my boots are soggy!

  3. I do not, absolutely do not like winter when it drags out like this!! I do not like to be cold and in the winter…my hands are almost never anything but cold. :0) The only time I like winter is if I get snowed in with my hubby or my grandbabies!! :0)

  4. Tammy, you know there is no perfect place on earth – whatever you trade for winter will have its own issues – but THIS IS NOT WINTER. I have renamed this season to Nuisance. Winter is what we had when we were kids and it stayed cold and the snow accumulated. Plenty of things to do under these conditions. Nothing better than a snowmobile or sled in some fresh snow. Winter now is just a lame cycle of cold, snow, warm, cold, snow, warm. Which is great for being a Nuisance unless you are into brown slush. I like winter, but you really have to go north to get it. Way north.

  5. After almost melting, much like the Wicked Witch of the West, last summer, I have decided that I prefer winter. Living in Massachusetts, it’s not an easy winter, however it is simpler to add layers than to just sit and sweat. Yes, I used the manly icky term, because it is the only word that adequately described the condition I found myself in last summer. Having a scrict budget to adhere to, being in my early 50’s and window A/Cs just don’t mix…lol.

  6. I have lived most of my life in Vermont, so I have wintered a lot of winters! LOL! I DISLIKE winter for the most part, but I have to admit I LIKE it at Christmas time and I also LIKE the first snow when everything looks so magical. Other than that, I could do without it! I do have to admit though, it’s much, much easier to warm yourself up than it is to cool yourself down in the summer. :/

  7. I dislike winter. It never bothered me much until I had children and all the bundling up and extra clothes wears me out. I also get the winter blues. It hasn’t been as bad this year but March is usually my low point. So I’m trying to keep myself busy and forge through this month.

    Thanks for all your thoughts & prayers for us ladies at “Living in Hope”.

    1. Martha, at least March has a few days of sun and maybe a hint of warmth in there…at least a little, right?! Thank you for your kind words regarding “Living in Hope”! I LOVE IT!

  8. In Texas winter is not usually too bad, but Monday we had a winter blizzard that brought 5 inches of snow. I dislike winter and would prefer Spring all year long. Cute giveaway

    1. Yikes! A blizzard? We missed them this year. No, Ohio had them, we just happened to be in South Carolina when they hit! Whew! Come back again – there will be more giveaways throughout the year.

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