On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas!


Look at the pretty! My gift today revealed a beautiful scarf that is in the most fabulous of colors….
PINK!  Like there is any other color!! I can’t wait to wear it with my wool coat, well wait, yes I can, cuz then that means it’s really cold if I have to get out the wool coat. Hmm, must go through my closet and find a top I can wear it with UNTIL it gets cold…like in January, please!! 
I have to share a dilemma I am having every single day when I go to my beautiful PINK
Can you see what is hanging out of the top of this cool little stocking? PEEPS! Peeps, I tell you. Christmas peeps on a stick nonetheless! And do you know what the dilemma is? I love PEEPS! And the problem is – it has the number 24 on it! Really? Must it be 24 and UNWRAPPED staring at me? Because I have strict instructions to only open the package that matches the date, I still have over a week to get to those Christmas PEEPS! That is so not fair. Wait…hmmm. I’m thinkin’ sumpin’. I have this picture already…I could…well…Aw shoot! I know some certain somebody in this house would so rat me out, especially with the fact that my lips would be all green and red with marshmallowy, sugary goodness. I guess I’ll wait. Sigh…….
…and that’s all I have to say about that!
SO, WHO OUT THERE LOVES PEEPS WITH ME? Let me know in the comments below…I just might share my PEEPS on a stick with you! (But, probably not!!)

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