On The Eighth Day Of Christmas!


Wait…before I reveal anything for today – help me settle a dispute, would ya? Please leave your comment on the question I will ask below. I will go with the majority answer, so please let me hear your thoughts on this matter! However, there is ONE person who may NOT respond to this question – and you know who you are!!  TeeHeeHee! I will let the readers decide!

     Question: What constitutes “a new day”?  Is it at midnight when it becomes the next new day?
                      Or is it AFTER you have gone to bed and woke up that it is the next new day?

Please leave your comments below…this will help ME tremendously!!

Okay, without further ado (or goofiness….). Here is what the Eighth Day package revealed (at 10:20 AM, by the way,  Miss So and So!!!)

As a lover of words, I cannot wait to dig into this new book! I always tell my hubby I love going into a bookstore or library…it’s like meeting up with a million of my closest friends with all the characters in the books!

So, don’t forget to chime in with your idea of when a new day is. I’ll fill you in tomorrow on why I needed to know! Don’t leave me hanging…I need your thoughts!

…and that’s all I have to say about that!


6 thoughts on “On The Eighth Day Of Christmas!

  1. To me, my “new day” begins when I wake yo the next morning. it goes until I collapse..I mean fall asleep at night. Now, that night could be into the “next day” as in after midnight, but MY next day is not until I wake up after some time sleeping!
    Just my 2 cents :0)!

    1. Lani, so I could pretend to be Jewish…or go with the one above when you both state it starts when you “get up”! OR…I could lay down on the couch for a little bit…then “get up”! Right?!

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