On The Third Day Of Christmas


Okay…true story – I had a semi-free day today and on my list was to shop for some Christmas color beads for my bracelet to swap out for the holidays. SCORE…I didn’t need to, my special little gift giver sent me a Christmas bracelet already done! Yay!!  How cool is that!
At Christmas in our house, we love putting lots of fun things in the stockings each year. It tends to be a highlight, well at least for me! How about at your house…what are some of your family’s favorite traditions. Let’s share in the comment section below.  Who knows, maybe if everyone shares, you may get a great idea or two of something new and fun to do with your family!
Are you getting excited for Christmas? I am!
…and that’s all I have to say about that!

2 thoughts on “On The Third Day Of Christmas

  1. looks like you are going to have some fun this December!! Every year we get our kids a new ornament with the idea when they move out they’ll have a little box of ornaments to get them started decorating their own tree! This year, however, we opted for beautiful mugs that say Jesus is the gift. I am looking forward to sitting around the tree drinking hot yumminess together!

  2. Lani, I love the idea of the ornament. We started that a few years back, but it sort of fizzled! Now we buy one hit or miss when one strikes our fancy. But I wish I would have started it way back, then maybe it would have worked! The mug idea is really cool!

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