Five Minute Friday—LIVE!!!!!

Yes, tonight I am actually doing a Five Minute Friday with 70+ other Five Minute Friday Bloggers – LIVE!!! We are gathered with 400+ other Women Bloggers at Allume in Hershey, PA!!!

We are all awaiting the “word of the week”…So here we go!


So, here is our word and we were just told to GO!!  Voice!
Wow, when I think of voice, the first thing that comes to my mind is that I would go absolutely crazy if I lost my voice.  When I have lost it during a cold or flu, it seems to be the one thing about the sickness that most bothers me.
Because I love to talk.  Without a voice, it can be difficult for someone who is a chatty cathy!  I remember when I was younger my father would say – would you JUST. Take. A. Breather. Even a little one.  And unfortunately this happened often.  As an only child – there was never siblings to share that voice with, so it was shared with anyone who would hold still long enough!  If they moved, well, I would just move with them!
I have aged since that time.  Quite a bit, in fact.  But I still have that desire to use my Voice!  Those of you who know me personally can certainly attest to that!  
Voice – it’s a beautiful thing.  Unless of course you are my hubby, stuck in a car with me for a long ride to this conference.  There was a lot of Voice on my part being used on the drive, today!  
No, seriously…so much to say…so much Voice to be used…and so many miles to use it!
What about you?  Do you use your voice?  Use it now and share with me in the comments below!
…and that’s all I have to say about that!

12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday—LIVE!!!!!

  1. Tammy – that DID give me a giggle. I like to “use my voice” a lot too. Poor husbands… trapped in cars with wives since, well, whenever the car was invented. 🙂 Stopping by from Five Minute Friday.

  2. Hi Tammy!

    Visiting from FMF. I completely understand the love of talking. I had jaw surgery when I was a kid and couldn’t talk for 2 weeks because my mouth was wired shut. Talk about painful!

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. my husband always says its to do with the word count thing, how women have more words than men… and i also use his allocated number too…

    i’ve lost my voice a few times as a mum… the kids love it when i mime…

    challenging question at the end of your post… do you use your voice? such a challenge to be living our lives and using the gifts that God has given us, making use of the resources – for me TALKING is also one of my gifts and i feel blest that i can communicate God’s love and reality to people in words!

    following on from you in the list :o)

    blessings, claire

    1. So glad you are using your gift. God doesn’t give us gifts and expect us to put them in a “drawer” for safe keeping. He will equip us to go out and use that gift for His purpose. You go girl! Thanks for following. Hope you’ll get some encouragement and a giggle, too!

  4. We wrote about the same thing. I know you only have to write on the person’s blog that comes before you, but yours came after mine. It’s funny how we wrote similar things and were right beside each other. Love it. Keep talking girl.

  5. When my weaving business ended and my daily employees no longer came to work the thing I missed most was having someone to talk with. I had to learn to not scare away my new quilting customers by not talking them to death when they showed up to drop off a quilt or to pick one up. . I talk to myself a lot, I find my opinions are highly amusing and I keep myself entertained. I still enjoy a good gab fest once in awhile and that is even more entertaining if I am not the only person around.
    Your 5MF jottings are very thought provoking and I have enjoyed reading about you thoughts on a single word.

    1. Oh Janice–that was one of my problems with working in the basement doing the quilting. I was going stir crazy. And yes, I do talk to myself, maybe way too much!! Thanks for the love!

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