It’s A Busy Friday Over Here In Tickled Pink Land!

Uh huh, it sure is!  Not only is it Five Minute Friday where a large group of us writers receive a word then write for five minutes flat with no corrections (ugh) – I’m also out and about in blog land again!  I love when I get to go “visit” and share with my writing friends’ readers.  I have met some really fun new ladies this way.  And this Five Minute Friday has been a total blast as well!  It so reminds me of my favorite class in high school–creative writing.  I told about that story in the second paragraph of this post — click here!

So – without further ado, here’s my Five Minute Friday:


LOOK!  Have you every paid attention to how many times people use this word?  I mean, seriously think about the last time you’ve heard it!  I use it a lot.  I am often caught saying, “LOOKy here!” or
“Hey, LOOK over there!”  Like right now – I’m going to say this:
LOOK  OVER HERE!!! I am out visiting in Blog land again and I’d love for you to come over and LOOK!  See, I did it again, I used that word.  And think about this, how often do we point to something when we say, LOOK?  A lot.  Or when we are trying to make a “warm” point to someone we are discussing something with–“Now, LOOK here…”.  We usually have our hands at attention or a finger pointing to the person to make our point. LOOK seems to be a word that you need reaction to, whether you physically LOOK or you pay attention when someone says LOOK here.
For fun this weekend, see how many times you or people you are around actually use the word, LOOK! 

Whew – again, that was fast!  In that quick little writing exercise is actually an announcement for where you can find me guest posting out in bloggy land today!  For any of you that follow me and also know me in real life, you have heard this story.  Or, maybe not.  I’m sharing over at Living Above the Laundry Pile,  for my writing friend, Karen Lembo.  Come on over and have a LOOK at what I’m chatting about over there today.
Now LOOK, don’t you even think I’m not going to try to use the word LOOK as many times as I can now that I’ve got you thinking about the word LOOK before I sign off!  AH!  LOOK, I did it again.  Maybe Britney Spears should change that name of her song – “Ooops, I did it again” to “LOOK, I did it again.”  Whaddya think?!
…and that’s all I have to say about that!
Let me know your thoughts – you KNOW I love hearing from you!  LOOK at the comments below how excited I get! Oh snap…LOOK – I used LOOK again!

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    1. Jill, first of all – LOOK, I’m so glad you are here! Second, LOOK – I hope you will come back often and get “Tickled Pink” with me! Thanks for coming over and checking it out! LOOK – I bet you’re smiling already!

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