Five Minute Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  What are you up to this fall day?  Me – I’m up to a new challenge.  I’m going to try to write along with 100+ writers who gather every Friday and write for five minutes flat without stopping or editing.  We don’t receive our word until Friday, so we have no chance to think ahead.  We just start a timer and write!  
I have to tell you, this was my most favorite thing my Senior year of high school in Creative Writing.  When I would walk into class and see the map pulled down – I was stoked!  I knew Mrs. Wangler had a word or topic for us to write non-stop until she told us “time’s up” under that map!  My friend, Rita, sat beside me and would moan.  She once asked me if I would write a whole bunch – then switch papers and write hers!  Wouldn’t have worked – she’s a lefty writing backhand and I’m a righty with big flowy letters!
So folks – here’s my first attempt at this Five Minute Friday write along!  If you’d like to know more about it or better yet, you would like to give it a try, click over here for that!
Ready?  Here goes…

Today’s word for Five Minute Friday is Grasp.  The first thoughts that come to me when I think of this word made me laugh.  No, seriously—I thought, Grasp, I cannot grasp that I’m this old already!
Then I started thinking about the fact that there are so many things in life that I cannot grasp.  I cannot grasp that there are things I can no longer do.  Whether it’s the fact that I’m this old or physically I just can’t do them, there are things I just cannot do anymore! 
Yet what I can grasp is the fact that God takes us to different points in our lives and gives us new things we can do.  When I was twenty years younger and raising a daughter – I couldn’t grasp where she would be at this age.  I couldn’t grasp that I would be working for the love of my life in our own business. 
Yet, through the years, God has guided us to each and every endeavor and equipped us to do what He needs us to do.  Whether we could grasp today or even the future…He ultimately knew what He would need us to do and when.

Well, there you have it! Unedited, no re-writes – just five minutes flat on the word grasp!  And you know what, I could have gone for five more minutes at least !  Haha!
…and that’s all I have to say about that!

12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday!

  1. Welcome to the Five Minute Club! I too love that moment when the hidden topic is revealed and you get to type away at the blissfulness of writing without worry. You did very well. Love the fact that you give God the glory for the equipping of your lives. He has grasp of each of us even when we aren’t sure we understand how or why. God Bless.

    1. Thanks for the welcome and the kind words! I wanted more time because I had so much more to say! I jumped when my timer went off as I was in concentration mode!

  2. I was JUST telling a friend how I couldn’t grasp the fact that my son, “Brother Goose” is going to be 5 in March! What happened to the last 5 years?

    I love your thought that God has a plan…even though I sometimes have a tough time grasping that His plan is better than my own! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your 5 minutes, I enjoyed reading your post!

    Momma Goose

    1. Thank you, Momma Goose! Love that! Yes, I’m right there with you on grasping His plans are always better than mine. I often, okay, most of the time–get in His way I’m pretty sure!

      Thanks for popping over!

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