I Forgot Something!

I did forget something!  Did you see what is over here at the top of the sidebar that’s looking all pretty?


I have a Button or Badge or Gadget or Thingamajig!!!!   Yeah, whatever the technical term is – I’ve seen it written so many ways.  Whatever you choose to call it—I’m just so excited that I finally have one.  No, again I cannot tell a lie – this cute little Button was designed by my Blog page Interior Decorator!

I have to say, though, I love it!  So, if you’re a blogger, feel free to copy and paste it over to your site now that it’s ready.  I would appreciate it, if you care to choose to.

That’s what I forgot to tell you.  About the Button!

But since you’re already here……..

I have to tell you a funny story about the new design that I think is really neat.  My friend, Kristy, who did all my “re-decorating” of the blog digs, knows I LOVE pink. I think just about everybody knows or at leasts gets the hint!  But–she had no idea the connection to argyle I have with my Dad who passed in 1994.  I’ve never told her the story so she would have no clue.

My dad was notorious for wearing argyle socks.  He also loved argyle vests and on occasion would wear a sweater.  But – he ALWAYS had argyle socks on.  All his friends and family just knew that about him.  He was a die-hard football player, motorcycle riding kind of guy…a brute so to speak!  So he took a lot of razzing for his argyles.  Which, if you knew my dad, that just made him roll his Levi’s a little higher so they could see them!

At my dad’s calling hours back in January 1994, it seemed argyles were the hot topic, so much so that it became rather funny.  As each of his old motorcycle buddies and old football friends would come up and talk to me, they would be very respectful and kind and then they would put their heads down with a little smirk and say, “I just gotta ask…does Don have on argyles?”

I would grin from ear to ear and reply, “Do you think he would allow me peace if I let them put him in there without them?”  Which would break the awkwardness and let them walk away with a smile and warm reminder of the rough-tough Don, going to his grave in argyles.

Kristy had no idea when she picked out the design.  But God did.  And through that little moment, he gave me a smile that just turned me Tickled Pink, giggling with my friend over argyles. Another giggly moment remembering my dad and his argyles!

…and that’s all I have to say about that!


8 thoughts on “I Forgot Something!

  1. Seems your comment thingy thing is fine :0). Love your new button…but miss the typewriter :0). Glad you are finding you way in this bloggy world! Have fun with it!

    1. Donna – Yes, I was bummed the typewriter didn’t work out, but who knows, she’ll come around again somewhere! Thanks for checking out the comment thingy. I have no idea what’s going on! Oh – I couldn’t use the typewriter on Twitter either 🙁

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