Check Out My Chocolate Covered Strawberry Room!

Come on in and check out my chocolate covered strawberry room!  Why do I call it that? Well, I painted it PINK, of course, and painted all my accents brown–hence chocolate covered strawberry!  Since the two new desks were dark brown, and my entire house is oak, I took the old pieces of furniture in the basement and spray painted them brown.  I got a brown king comforter and covered the love seat that sits in the room by the window (aka – Toto, the dog’s, perch!)
Of course there are lots and lots of pink things sprinkled all around the room including that Funky Fuchsia Typewriter!  When I look at that it really does make me giggle!  Who’da thunk I would have a Pink typewriter, right?!  Just too funny!
Room from the doorway

Computer Desk
The Funky Fuchia Typewriter!!!

Isn’t this WAY COOL?!  This was my birthday present
from my sweet daughter!  She made it for me!
What I look at to the right of my computer as I write!

There you have it!  You have taken the tour of my new digs that I teased you about a few weeks ago when I showed the photos of my Funky Fuchsia Typewriter!  I hope you had fun popping in.  I’ll be spending more time in here now that things are finally done.  Sometimes, it’s all about the atmosphere of where you are doing your work.  Whether it’s writing, quilting, scrapbooking or whatever your talent, when you set up your own little corner or an entire room,  it just makes it that much better to want to be there to work!  Some of you shared before where you work – but I’d love to hear more.  I love the magazines that show lady’s studios and where they create.  Tell me about yours!

For me, I’m just “Tickled Pink” that I have my chocolate covered strawberry room to hang out in and get back to business.  It’s been way too long, and it’s high time I get back in gear and get to work!

…and that’s all I have to say about that!


14 thoughts on “Check Out My Chocolate Covered Strawberry Room!

  1. I love it, Tammy! So cute!
    I am in the process of changing my daughter’s room into my office. I promise to share when it is all done. Right now, it has a lot of pink in it, but that is about to change… 🙂

  2. NO – say it isn’t so!!! You’re going to remove the pink? Aye! Well, ok – if you must. Wouldn’t be good if you can’t concentrate because of the color. Please do share. I’d love to see it!

    1. Thanks, Katharine! They look pretty good and I’m pleased how they did turn out. I was a little skeptical with the dark wood – not normally a dark wood kinda girl!

  3. Thank you, Jessica, for your sweet words!

    Isn’t that typewriter just a hoot?! When a friend gave it to me when she found out I am a writer – I jut knew I wanted to try to paint it pink. I just thought it would be way cool! I’m excited how it turned out. I keep telling other writers, hit the thrift stores and such and get one. It is so easy to do! The taping was the longest time…I have a post showing the typewriter transformation here on my blog:

    Thanks for stopping in!

  4. TRULY inspiring! I have been like a MAD woman this week moving, shifting,and rearranging since the kids left and I hope the end result will be a lovely work area…not quite as “chic” as yours…but cozy none the less :0). “Sometimes, it’s all about the atmosphere of where you are doing your work.”
    SO true! I have 3 days left to get it ALL in order, then school begins and I will have no more excuses! YAY for happy work environments!!
    Enjoy your yummy room!!!

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