WooHoo It’s The First Day Of School!

Today marks the first day of school for many of the students in our area that haven’t already begun.  Oddly, this is the very first fall semester our one and only child will not be sitting in a classroom, well at least on the opposite side of the teacher’s desk that is, since fall of 1991!   Professor Kristen sits on the other side of the desk now! Yet, we have been doing something this day since 1994 that I’d love for you to check out over at City Chick in the Country!

Today, I’m out visiting in the blog world and I would love for you to come along for the visit.  While you are there, check out my friend Donna’s site…it’s pretty cool!

As a follow-up to the post…go read it first and come back or you won’t get this…check out this Facebook post from last night that our daughter wrote:

     (Daughter’s Facebook Post)            

  • Tomorrow is the first (fall) first day of school that I am not “in” school.

    Still got my first day of school ice cream tradition – thanks mom and dad. Along with dinner, a Toto visit, and my dishes done – thanks Tammy Karasek. 🙂

    (Yes, all dressed up beautiful and still silly wittle Kwisten!)
    Gosh, I sure love that kid!  I know, I know – young lady is more appropriate since she is 26, but she’ll ALWAYS be my little girl!  (Plus she’s not very tall anyway!!)

    So, come on over to Donna’s little corner of blogland if you haven’t already and see what this ice cream tradition is all about!
    Come on and comment here…what’s your favorite “Back to School” tradition with your kiddos?  I’m waiting to hear!
    …and that’s all I have to say about that!

2 thoughts on “WooHoo It’s The First Day Of School!

  1. You’re daughter looks so YOUNG…or maybe I am just that old :0)??? My favorite back to school tradition? Does chasing down the yellow bus because they forgot one count? These mid-teen years will be the death of me yet :0).

  2. Our daughter has a baby face like her Papa! They both will be forever young, I’m sure of it! ‘Cause you and I aren’t old! Oh my – chasing down the bus…you were dressed, right? I’ve been known to hang out “just inside the door” in my PJ’s! That would be a site – PJ’d woman chasing bus, begging driver to take all the kids!

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