Are You Social Media’d Up?

Working on some writing today and going back and forth with the different options out there now with our social media and a thought came to me!  If you’re in or near my age range, could you just imagine having a conversation with your grandparents about all this social media “stuff”?
I know my sweet Grandma Meade that I talk about often would probably just smile a great big smile, let out a little “humpf” and say something like, “what’s all this nonsense yur talkin’ ’bout’.  Social stuff on a thingy that just looks like a tv with a typewriter in it.  Why, back in my day when I was a youngin’, ifin’ you wanted to talk to somebody, why you’d jes’ pick up the earpiece, crank the handle an’ wait fer yur friend to pick up. Course, usually two or three times throughout the conversation I’d haf ta say…get off Nelly, I’m not callin’ on you – I’m a talkin’ to Jane.”
Yet, I can still imagine telling her something like this just to see her reaction (yeah, I’m ornery!):
    Well, yes, Grandma, I am now Facebooked.  No, it didn’t hurt, I didn’t actually get a book in the face.  I’ve also been tweeted and have tweeted…NO it’s not watchur thinkin’-don’t go there! I’m all linked in, but for what I’m not totally sure yet, but I’m linked in nonetheless!  I also have Klout – whoohoo for me!  I’m also proud to tell you I have lots of pinterests, what?  No – it’s not the interests of pins.  Oh and I’m all about the hoot suite…no, it’s not the funny room at the hotel. Ahhhh! Wait, Grandma, there is more.  I’m short stacked, too.  I’m blogged down–but it’s a good thing.  I’ve also been  in a word press…no, no – not a wine press.  Oh…forget it.
I’m just too social media pooped out to explain it all.  Sigh…
I’m curious today, what are all of you “hooked in” for social media purposes?  What are the different things you couldn’t live without now that you bit the bullet and signed in/up?  What could you live without?  Please leave a comment below and share with us what your thoughts are on Social Media! Disclaimer:  I’m not actually all hooked into all of those I wrote about above…at least not yet!
…and that’s all I have to say about that!

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