I’m Out Visiting Today In Blogville!

Happy Monday, Blog friends!

I’ve been out and about lately on the wonderful world of Blogville.  One of my writing pieces is up today.

This piece is written for all of my friends who are adoptive parents or, who like me–wanted more children, but could not have them.  Though the one I do have is super special!  Love that girl 🙂 !

My friend Kim de Blecourt writes over at Nourished Hearts, where she shares about adoption.  Her heart to see every orphan in a home is very passionate.  Her book, “Until We All Come Home” is out now.  Check it out!

Come on over and see what I’ve been up to by clicking here!

I’m just so honored and TICKLED PINK to be her very first guest post!  WooHoo!

Thanks, Kim!

…and that’s all I have to say about that!


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