Have you ever had a plan to surprise someone? If so, isn’t it fun?  

I did this to my friend, Kimberly Rae, who was in Ohio this last week from her home in the Carolinas.  We both attended the Writer/Speaker Conference, She Speaks, last July.  We met through the She Facebooks private group and hit it off.  You’ve actually met her here on my blog before right here!  

When I found out she was going to be within 1-1/2 hours from my house, I told her we need to try to get together.  She agreed! We were to meet up on Wednesday for lunch, but it didn’t work out after all.  So, I made other plans…without her knowing what I was up to!! Hehehe!

Besides visiting family, she was giving a presentation at the local library about her three books regarding Human Trafficking, the newest one out this year!  I couldn’t make that, but – I found out that she would be doing a book signing at a coffee shop on Saturday morning!  Score!

All week long, I looked forward to meeting up with her.  Hubby decided to go along with me.  We left a little later than we wanted to, but we figured we could “make up time” on the turnpike.  Except for one (or many) things…orange barrels!  Yep, it’s summer in Ohio, which means orange barrel season – everywhere! Road work took up many miles, and of course we found a true law-abiding citizen!  C’mon lady – I gotta friend to catch!

I kept playing with my iPhone maps app that updates your miles and estimated time.  I would update, then panic as we seemed to be losing time.  Yikes!

We finally got off the turnpike.  The book signing was between 9-11, it was now 11:04.  I just kept hoping that she was so busy signing books that she would still be there.

As we came into the old downtown area, which is really nice, we spied the coffee shop on the corner.  My hubby saw that the light was turning red and said, “I’ll stop and you can jump out and go over to the coffee shop, then I will go find a place to park and join you.”

Well, my brain in panic mode hears, “There’s the coffee shop, jump out and run over before she leaves.”  I’m sure that’s what he meant, really.

As the car was slowing down, I literally opened the door, put my foot out toward the ground and realized – SHOOT – we’re moving, minor problem.  I waited for it to be moving “slower” and made my dash!

I came in, and saw that she was still there talking with someone.  There was an empty chair beside her, so I walked over and sat down.  Since we have never met in person, and my profile picture is old, she had no idea who was sitting beside her.  She turned and asked me if I wanted my hand painted with Henna?  I said, “No, do you know who I am?”  She shakes her head no, with a smile.  I said, “well I have pink on and I usually am known for being Tickled Pink.”

Now she knows!  She then exclaims, “Oh, you came!  I didn’t know you were coming!”

We had a lot of fun catching up.  My hubby and I got to meet her family and she then invited us to go up the street to a pizza place and have lunch with everyone.  It was such a blast!  And it was so much fun pulling off a big surprise!

Here we are underneath the poster for her event!
Have you ever pulled off a surprise for someone?  Whether it was a big event or just a surprise visit – I’d love to hear your story.

‘Cause – ya know…everybody can use a surprise to make them smile!

…and that’s all I have to say about that!


3 thoughts on “SURPRISE!

  1. How fun!! I love those kinds of meet-ups!!! And that we can make new “friends” through our kindred spirited blogs and awesome writing conferences!! Yay for all of those blessings.

    Speaking of…thanks for stopping by and linking up this week…so nice to “meet” you!!! (:

  2. Kimberly – You are quite welcome! I was blessed to spend the afternoon with you!

    Lisa – Those kind of meet-ups are truly a blast! Like you said, especially since “meeting” through cyberspace first – then finally in person! And the thanks goes to you for the link-up! I’m new to that and want to be able to do more of those. I read so many wonderful blogs and want my readers to be able to link over as well!

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