She’s Such a Sweet Little Lady!

As I looked at the calendar today, I realized that Saturday will mark the second anniversary of my sweet Grandma Meade’s entry into Heaven.  I teared up a little as I truly still miss her.  A lot.  I started thinking of the many, many memories I have of her.  I got to have her almost 51 of my years as she passed just shy of her 100th birthday.

I started thinking of some of the most funny things she has said or done through the years and it really got me to chuckling.  She was generally a quiet lady, not an ornery one like me!  Yet, she had some zingers that she let loose especially as she got into her 90’s!  Oh my!

I’d like to share some of the most favorite of our family and I hope you will have a chuckle off of them, especially when you realize this is coming from such a little sweet and proper southern belle.  Here’s a photo of her just a few months before she left us:

Love this lady!
Over the last year she was alive, she started to not “know” us.  She recognized that we were family, but not necessarily able to call us by name.  But…she always lit up when she saw my hubby!  Why? Because he always gave her chocolate! I would bring her candy, and he would unwrap it and give it to her.  She would always smile and say, “this is gooder then ‘snuff.” (Not that she ever had it, but it’s an expression from down south where she’s from!) Also, he always has warm hands and she would always get him to hold her hands and warm hers up. 
One day when we came in, hubby gave her the chocolate as usual.  She smiled real big and reached out for his hand.  “Warm up my hands, good lookin’, ” she said.  My daughter, hubby and I cracked up as she has never talked this way – well up until those last couple years!  Hubby reached out his hands and wrapped them around her hands.  Her hands were forever frozen.  She smiled up at him and said, “why don’t we get married?”
I said, “Grandma! He’s my husband, you can’t have him.”
She looked at me out of the corner of her eye,  and twisted up the left side of her mouth like she does when she was not happy with something and said….”Well, you weren’t brought up very well then, you should have been taught to share.”
Another favorite happened at Thanksgiving one year at our home.  It was before our three parents and grandma moved to the nursing home.  Our daughter was home from college and Grandma was talking up a storm asking her lots of questions about school through dinner.  And then it started!
Grandma was rattling off about school and friends and boys. Then she made a comment that started my daughter (ornery as her Momma) to get her going!
Grandma asked our daughter, “so, do you have any boyfriends?”
Our daughter replied, “no, I don’t have time, I’m too busy studying.  Why?  Should I have one?”
Grandma said, “No, you don’t need one.  You know what boys want anyways.”
The rest of us at the table begin to snicker, but the daughter kept a straight face and said, “No, I don’t.  What do they want?”
Grandma said, “YOU know.”
Daughter said, “No, I really don’t know what your talking about, tell me.”
Grandma said, “We need to change the subject, this is upsetting my tummy.”
Daughter said, “But you were going to tell me what boys want.”
Grandma then replied, “I like hot chocolate.”
We all busted out laughing!  Since our daughter won’t drop it and change the subject, well then, 
Grandma will!  To this day, whenever any of us in the family get asked a question we don’t want to answer or don’t want to talk about, we reply with, “I like hot chocolate.”  
Which then cracks us up and we smile and say, “Oh, Grandma Meade.”
Grandmothers are something aren’t they?  I was fortunate enough to know both my parent’s mothers as well as my mom’s grandmother.  Though I was only close to my mom’s mom and her grandma.  My hubby, unfortunately did not know his grandmothers.  One was gone before he was born, the other was in Germany and he last was with her under the age of five.
So, I’m wondering.  Do you have wonderful memories of your grandmother? Please share a memory or two of your grandmother.  I know I’d love to hear about them and I bet the readers who visit here on the blog would love to as well.  What do you say – will you add a comment below about your grandma?  Grandmas, whether you were close to them or not, can leave some funny memories in our hearts and minds.  C’mon, share a memory with all of us today, won’t you?
…and that’s all I have to say about that!

3 thoughts on “She’s Such a Sweet Little Lady!

  1. we all went to Chi Chi;s years ago and gma took bite of her El Grande Burro ( what she always got ) and a longggggg piece of cheese was dangling from her mouth and she started turning head to talk and it was swinging around LOL we were laughing so loud etc that the people at next table told waitress to cut us off we hadnt even gotten our margaritas yet!!! LOL

  2. My only granmda didn’t like me much as I got into my teenage years because she was very judgmental and thought I didn’t do enough for my mother. Which was a load of crap because I did the cooking and the cleaning and scrubbed floors on my hands and knees, but like all of us who “know everything” she still didn’t think it was enough…but I redeemed myself in my early 20’s when I called her and asked her to tell me how she made homemade noodles. She was THE BEST noodle maker ever. We have fond memories of coming home from school and noodle dough was on every flat surface of the house drying and then after she cut the millions of noodles, they were hanging from every piece of furniture and the rails of the back porch drying. My brothers would get in trouble because they would steal the noodles off the porch railing and eat them. It is quite a compliment to me when my brother tells me I make noodles as “good as grandmas!”

  3. Pam, I can so see this scene! That had to be funny when your poor Grandma had no idea she was flinging cheese!

    Janice, you are quite right – you have received the supreme compliment when someone says it’s “as good as Grandma’s!” I’m a noodle fan! Do you hang them on your back porch, too? I’ll have to drive by more often and sneak around back to check the railings!

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