Baby Steps

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 Baby Steps
Do you ever set your mind on something or set goals and just want so so desperately to be in a different place; to get there? feel differently? or desire to have accomplished something sooner?
In our “hurry up” society a lot of us find discontentment in being where we are, right now.
I can remember back several years ago, when I was going through a very difficult season in my life. I so desired to no-longer-feel the feelings that felt. I wanted my situation to be different than what it was.
I had a storm raging inside of me. I couldn’t find peace with where I was and I found myself continually trying to force situations to be how I thought they should be; I wanted to control the outcome.
As the days slowly passed by, despite all my anxious feelings, manipulation, and scheming thoughts — what happened, just happened!

Of course I’ve experienced other similar situations, unfortunately that was not the only one! Friendships, financial matters, career, and family situations are other areas where I’ve tried to hurry-up the process.

What I’ve found is, it just does not work…

…and it’s just not worth all the energy it takes trying to figure everything out.

My findings have brought me to this place; I’ve turned my focus on ME, my internal self.

I am finally shining the spot light on the changes that I need to make with-in myself and my attitudes. I am beginning to see more clearly and let go of all the things that I used to worry about, tried to control, and set out to manipulate.

I’m turning to and clinging to acceptance, patience, and understanding.

The results? Peace and contentment…it feels GREAT!

What others do, I cannot control.

What I do, I can decide.

I am taking baby steps — the slower I go, the more I see, the more I enjoy, the more I appreciate.

My prayer is that God will continue to bring me peace and contentment as I slowly walk on my journey — and that He would give me the eyes to not miss what He has in store for me and allow me to be patient and wait on His perfect timing.

IF we jump to where “we think we should be” we will miss the messages and learning experiences on the way. Those experiences mold us, shape us, challenge us, and take us to new places – we grow!

It simply takes baby steps to get there…

Are you desiring to be somewhere you are not? Do you feel peace and contentment? If not, consider joining me…baby steps.

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