Oh No He Didn’t!

I am the kind of person who likes to plan things out.  However, I do have a side that just loves to do something on the spur of the moment, too.  Usually in search of laughter!  I’m not so rigid that life passes me by while I sort out details to the ‘nth degree, yet on the flip side I don’t throw caution to the wind on a regular basis.  Yet, through all of this, I am still quite an ornery girl to say the least.  Again, all in search of a great laugh.

Through the years I’ve have worked hard to go from an A++ personality to a somewhat comfortable B+/A- depending on the day!  This is much to my family’s urging to “lighten up a little, geez!”

On a positive side, being married to a person who was most definitely NOT a spur of the moment kind of guy, I have been able to bring some lighthearted fun into his life as well.  So when we witnessed the event I will share below, I’m not sure that my pulling him out of his  shell was necessarily a good thing.  You’ll see what I mean.

A few years back we took a vacation beginning in Florida at Universal Studios, met up with friends and shared a huge condo at Outer Banks a week,  and added a quick weekend stop in Maryland to visit my hubby’s cousins on our way back to Ohio.  Since we are three only children, we let our daughter take along her friend.

The girls were 12.  You know the age, everything a parent does or says is quite ridiculous!  Though we, as the parents, did our very best to behave ourselves and didn’t embarrass them too much.  Well, at least that’s our story!  Until we got to Maryland.  Ahem…..

The four of us were doing a little shopping at a retail store.  We had been in the store for a while and were about to leave.  Apparently, one of us had become bored.  This person either decided to get a little adventurous or lost their flippin’ mind!  Mind you, the one who decided to do this little deed, is not the spontaneous, ornery, silly one in the pair.  So to see what happened next, still brings laughter to the three of us at the very mention or sight of this particular object anywhere today.

The three of us girls in the group were making our way to the register area to exit the store.  The male in the group had been lingering in this area for way too long.  Obviously!  You’ll see.

As we approach the area, we are still sort of shopping as we pass the tables at the front filled with merchandise.  Then all at once we hear a snap, a gasp from another direction and this little statement coming from the male we are now wishing was not with us… “I think it’s broke,” as he hands her the broken chair.

Ya think?

The facial expression on the teen cashier was priceless.  Here is a grown man, trying to sit in a child’s resin chair that was sitting by the register. Her mouth is hanging down far enough she could catch flies. She just looks at us without a word.

We left the store and I look back at the two 12 year olds behind me.  Yeah, they wanted to crawl into any hole and die.  Nobody has said a word.

We get to the car, climb in and close the doors.  The male in the car starts to giggle and then says, “Hmm, I guess I’m too big for that chair.”


We then just laugh.  What in the world was he thinking?  Why on earth would he, the logical one, even TRY to fit an adult booty into a child’s chair?  Oh. My!

To this day, when we see a child’s resin chair, the daughter or I will quickly say, “NO, don’t even think about it.”  This makes people look at us rather strange wondering why we have to tell a grown man why he cannot sit in that little, itty bitty chair!  If they only knew….

Am I trying to tell you not to be spontaneous?  No way!  I think the lesson learned here would be this:  spontaneous is great, but maybe a little assessment of the end result might be wise.  Especially when you are with your teenagers who just may die of embarrassment!

…and that’s all I have to say about that!


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