Food Friday!

Lately our schedule around here has been rather wacky!  Anyone out there that can relate?  Yep, I see lots of raised hands, shaking heads and loud Yes’s being spoken.

Though I have been buying fruits and veggies with great intentions of actually using them, sometimes they start getting puny and I panic at the thought of throwing them away.  Never fear, I have a way of saving those sad little fruits from going to the trash can.  Back in cooking school, I learned from my fav teacher, Carla, a recipe for a rustic tart.  I’m not normally a baker-mainly because I like more salty foods than sugary foods as you’ve read about before!  However, I remembered this tart and decided that’s what I’m going to do when my fruit starts to take a dive.

Oh – side note, this fav teacher has a link posted on Facebook today to her remodeled kitchen that was posted recently on another person’s website.  You just have to check out this kitchen.  THIS would make me play in there all day!

Back to the rustic tart!  That could possibly be a title to a book…The Rustic Tart and Where She Lives!
Ok, way off subject.  Don’t know what got into me – I don’t usually do that!  Ha!
I’ve come up with a quick recipe to be able to save the puny fruit.  I’m not a fan of the show on TV from the “Sort of from Scratch” lady because I’m also not a fan of processed, packaged foods,  but due to hubby’s massage schedule at our office lately, I have realized that the Pillsbury Pie Dough in the dairy case is close enough to a real made-from-scratch pie dough.  And I’m thinking my fav teacher would at least be proud that I’m using up the fruits to not bust the food budget.
I’ve adapted a quick version to be able to pop this in the oven while dinner is served so you can enjoy at the end of the meal.  Though the original version isn’t that much different, except for the fresh pie crust. I hope you will give it a try.  On a day with more time, make your own crust–it’s not that hard and it really is delicious.  Feel free to e-mail me if you’d like a great recipe that always turns out.  Where do you think I got it?  Yep – from the lady who owns that beautiful kitchen on the link above!
Finished product from a couple weeks ago

What I used:
     About 2-3 cups of fruit (whatever is heading south–cleaned and cut into bite-sized bites)
     About 1 TB of flour
     About 1 TB of sugar
     1/4 cup of Apricot Jam, warmed in microwave to thin for easy brushing onto tart
     1 Pie Crust Round
            **I say about 1 TB of flour and sugar as it depends on how much fruit you actually
                have.  You are looking for just enough to cover the fruit lightly with not too much
                left over.
Flour and sugar not tossed yet, just so you see how little is needed
1.  Mix the fruit with the flour and sugar.  Toss well and set aside.

2.  On a sheet pan, lined with a Sil-pat or parchment paper, unroll your pie crust.  I brush a little of the thinned jam on the crust.  Then pour fruit mixture on top, stopping about 1″ away from edge. (Hint:  If you are not going to make your own pie crust, please use Pillsbury…this was a store brand and ripped apart really easy-ugh!)

3.   Then go around the tart and fold up the edge of the pie crust over the fruit.  It will form a frame around the fruit and the center will be exposed. (See all the tears from the cheap crust…learn from my mistake…don’t buy the store brand!!!)
4.  Brush on the warmed jam, which is like a glaze.
5.  Bake at 350* degrees for about 40 minutes.  Check after 30 minutes as you don’t want your crust to burn.  
Take out, and let cool for a couple minutes before slicing. (This never makes it at my house…remember reading posts before about the sugar-head I live with?)
Serve with homemade whipped cream or a good Vanilla ice cream.
Great to serve to guests!  They will be impressed and you don’t have to give away your secret.  What’s the secret?  They are eating a store bought crust filled with fruit heading for the trash!
Did I just say that out loud?
…and that’s all I have to say about that!
PS:  Let me know if you try this at home!  I’m sure your family will “rise up, bless you and praise you” (adaption of Proverbs 31:28!)

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