What A Strange Looking Bride…..A Little Manly Actually!

Last Monday, September 12th, my hubby and I celebrated our 30th Anniversary.  Hooray for us!  With both of us being only children, many of our friends and family had doubts that two spoiled, only children would be able to make it work.  Did I ever tell you I love a challenge?  Another post…another day!

I was looking at our wedding pictures and recalling the events of the day.  Yes, I really can remember much of the day from start to finish.  I was looking at my dress, the bargain of the event, and it brought to mind a funny story about my dress.

Back in 1990, our Adult Sunday School class had a class event.  We decided to do a night of “Let’s Make a Deal.”  Do any of you reading this remember that show?   It was a show on TV where Bob Barker would ask for an item, usually weird like a white plastic fork, and then deal with the folks for hidden items on stage.  It was pretty funny.

Part of the show was to be dressed up in such a way to get Bob’s attention as well.  He may be struck by your outfit and just come up and try to wheel and deal with you just because you caught his eye.  Such was the case for our class.  We ALL had to come dressed up, toting a bag of dealing items.  We had a “Bob Barker” named Ray, and a beautiful stage assistant named Brenda!

Well, the hubster and I couldn’t decide what we were going to dress up as for the event, but we kept on thinking.  One day, I had an idea but I just knew he wouldn’t go along with it.  I pitched it anyway.  Boy was I surprised!  He not only went along with he, he elaborated on it!  We decided to go as a bride and groom.  One difference.  He was the bride and I was the groom!

We dropped our daughter off at my Mom’s who lived by the church and we decided to get dressed there.  My Mom took pictures (see below) so I have proof that my hubby can wear a bridal gown quite well!
As we were on the front porch taking pictures, people would go by and honk, then do a double take.  It wasn’t quite the Bride and Groom they thought were standing there posing!  But it gets better….

Since my hubby’s legs were quite wrapped up in the train on my dress, I drove us to the church.  On the expressway it all began.  As I’m driving, I look up in the rearview mirror and see two young girls, maybe late teens early twenties and they realized that there is a “bride” in the car so they whip around and come up on the driver’s side of the car and slow down.  They are all smiling and waving and honking the horn and I wave.  Then my hubby leans forward, turns their way, smiles and waves at them, too.  As you will notice in the photo, the hubster’s face was, well, a little fuzzier than probably most brides would have been.  Both girls’ mouths dropped.  They slowly stopped waving and put their hands down.  The driver guns it and takes off.  The two of us in our car start busting out laughing.  And there’s more…

We arrive at the church.  We attend a large church, but the old part of the church is where they do weddings, in fact where we were married 30 years ago.  That happens to also be the parking lot we were parking in to go to the area where our class was meeting.  Then it happened.

We got out of the car. I help hubby “fix” himself as he has, um, filled out the bodice part of his dress and he’s a little lopsided if you know what I mean.  As we finish adjusting everything we notice two sweet little old ladies get out of their car.  We realized that they are going to the real wedding that will be happening and it’s obvious they are not from the bride’s side of the family.  They were walking together, arm in arm and had stopped to see the precious, sweet bride.  They waved at me and smiled and were waiting for the bride to come around the car.  And he did.

The look on their faces was priceless.  Both their mouths dropped clear to the asphalt!  Their eyes nearly bugged out of their sockets.  Then as quickly as they made the faces, they closed their mouths, huddled close together and scurried quickly off to the church entrance, stopping once to look back to check it out just one more time!

I nearly wet my pants!  The hubby smiled and looked at me and said, “I guess I’m not what they thought the groom would marry?”

We were both laughing so hard as we went in to the class event.  Since we didn’t actually walk in together, many weren’t sure who the bride was and kept looking at him.  Some of the new folks in the class were wondering since he fit the dress so well, if there was something they needed to know about this guy in the wedding dress!  Ahem, cough.

I still have the dress in it’s white bag after 30 years.  The side seam on the right is split a little as the “bride” that borrowed it back in 1990 was a little broader than I was.  Yet, it would be hard to get rid of the dress that has a double day memory!

The “lovely” Bride and Groom!
Nice dress, Ma’am..er…Sir?!

Yet it goes to show you that you just can’t judge a book by it’s cover.  Or a bride!
…and that’s all I have to say about that!

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