The Journey to Shrink My Booty!

Deciding to go on a vegan food plan was a no brainer for me.  I’m just not a huge fan of meat, never was.  Don’t believe me, read my post from August 26th then you will get it!

The first few days were great.  It’s still summer so produce in Ohio is good and plentiful.  I’ve actually had a ball bringing home nothing but fruits and veggies!  A dream come true for me.  I’ve been playing in the kitchen with new recipes I’m developing and having a blast.

The hubby is a carnivore for sure, loves any kind of meat.  However, he has decided that this would be good for him to do as well.  He’s not strictly following the plan like I am, but it’s not bothering me when he adds a little stuff here and there to his own food.

I’ve made a decision to go without any animal products (ie, nothing with a face or a mom) and no white poison (white flour, white sugar, white rice, white pasta, salt).  Wait.  WHAT?  No White Sugar?  What about my sweet tea?  No white flour/pasta – are you kidding me?  Pasta is my life! Oh, then here comes the kicker…no salt?

Oh. My. Goodness.

I never realized how much I salted food, or how much was used in my cooking.  I just never knew how MUCH I WAS ADDICTED TO SALT.

I did real well the first few days as I said above.  Then day six hit me.  Like a drug addict craving the fix, I wanted anything with salt.  Oh, who am I kidding, I just wanted to put some in my palm and lick it off slowly to savor that sodium deliciousness…slowly going into a salt high!

As sick as that may sound, I did this as a kid often!  I also loved crushed ice in a cup with salt sprinkled on it, then I would just crunch and enjoy the salted ice chunks until my cup was empty (or my Mom or Dad caught me and took it!).  But my favorite way to eat salt is with a side of green onions or radishes to dip into my little salt pile on my plate.  Yum – Yum!

Great news though.  I’ve made it to day 12.  I have not cooked with salt or added salt to anything.  The mental crave has seemingly diminished to the point of unnoticeable.  Would I like to have some salt today?  Uh, duh, I am still breathing you know, so YES!  Will I?  No!

I’m actually starting to feel the difference physically.  Also dropping 11 pounds in 12 days is certainly a little bouquet of goodness wouldn’t you think?

As I continue on this journey of better care of the “temple” God has given me, will you walk along beside me?  I would like to ask a favor…would you pray for me and hold me accountable?  I’ll keep you posted from time to time as the “Journey to Shrink My Booty” continues.

In return, are you going through a rough patch at this time?  If so, I would love the opportunity to walk along beside you as well.  I will pray for you and check in on you.  I would love to be a source of encouragement for you along your journey, whatever that may be right now.  Let me know below or you can privately e-mail me at  I would love to be there for you.

Oh – one more thing…I haven’t totally conquered this salt/sugar thing just quite yet.  So if I come around you, you just might want to hide your salt shaker and sweet tea!   Just sayin’…

….and that’s all I have to say about that!


6 thoughts on “The Journey to Shrink My Booty!

  1. You go girl!! I am very proud of you. You are over one of the major humps and will continue to feel great. And, by the way, I am totally inspired! Keep posting and bless you.

  2. Go girl! Um, some smart kid told you you were addicted to salt a long time ago. πŸ˜‰

    Can I just jam to the song “salt shaker” by you?! πŸ˜‰

    Woohoo! It’ll be exciting to see this through in six months – what a difference it will make. I’ll literally sniff ANYONE’s Dr. Pepper right now. πŸ™‚


  3. Andi – thanks! I’ll keep posting, you keep posting, too!

    KK – thanks. Yeah, Yeah – I know you’ve been telling me for years that I’m addicted to salt. I love your thought on Dr. Pepper. I’m getting a picture….we go to a restaurant and when we walk in you spy someone drinking a Dr. Pepper. You walk up and grab it out of their hand and just start sniffing. Then I see someone shaking salt and I run up and grab their salt shaker and start licking the top! You know, I’m ornery enough to do it just to see the photos of the faces of people watching! Of course, Larry will have nothing do with this adventure. It would be hilarious!!! When and where?!!

  4. Deae Tammy.
    Okay girl you are officially on my prayer list. How funny, don’t hate me, but I have to consume all the sodium I can get, so I don’t fall down. But really after a while it gets a little sickening. I digress, Your in my heart and in my prayers. Keep us posted. I have finally learned to love my unsweetened tea. It can happen.
    love and prayers

  5. Ruthie – you’ll be proud of me! Since I work at Chick-fil-A I can have all the sweet tea I want…but I’ve been drinking water with lemon or unsweet tea with 3 lemons! It’s not so bad….ack! Just like that ‘ol rock song from David Bowie (I think)…ch-ch-ch-changes! Little by little, inch by inch. You gotta salt lick I could share? KIDDING!

    Love you!

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