Getting Hit in the Head with the Proverbial Two by Four!

This past weekend found me driving to Columbus, Ohio to see none other than Mizz Beth Moore!  Planning to be there early and lining up outside the Schottenstein Center at The Ohio State University proved to be wise!  My two buddies and I were lined up by 5:15 PM.  Doors did not open until 6:00 PM and the event began at 7:30 PM.  We had no idea how many women would be at the event and were totally blown away to find out that there were over 7,000 women there!  Wow – that’s a lot of estrogen in one location!  However, the early bird usually gets the worm – and us being early, we had pretty close seats.  Yay, us!!

Friday evening started out with such wonderful Praise and Worship music.  The crowd just came alive!

Then the moment I had waited for since purchasing my tickets back in February had arrived. Beth Moore came out and walked down the aisle towards us in the crowd.  She didn’t quite get to us, but close enough. I started to feel like a groupie!  Hmmm, maybe I should have leaned over the short wall in front of us and yelled for her to come over.  Nah – I’m just too shy to do something like that!  HA – yeah, right!  Had the wall not been about mid-shin high, I may have.  But not really thinking that falling over the short wall and splattering all over the floor would have been the way to go for the weekend!  I remained calm and reserved.

Our Friday with Beth was wonderful.  She had so much to say and share from scripture she could hardly contain herself.  She’s such a hoot.  One minute she had us choking back tears and the next minute splitting our sides open laughing.

By the time we left the Center, sat in the long line to leave the parking lot and got back to the hotel I was rather punchy.  I have to tell you this little event before I get on with my “Two by Four” experience though!  Always looking for a laugh, I found one back at the hotel.  Being over tired and my brain overwhelmed, the slightest thing could have set me off into uncontrollable laughter.  Oh, who am I kidding – just breathing sets me off!

Anyway, as the three of us entered the main door of the lobby, there he was.  The man that would just send me over the edge and cause me to become so “Tickled Pink” that I’m thinking it had to be “Tickled Fushia”!  Mr. Twister Pants!  All these golfers were returning to the hotel and were carrying their golf bags into the hotel – like they were made of gold or something!  Leave ’em in the cars dudes!  Anyway, I look to my friends and say (and of course not softly – cause I think he’s hilarious) “hey, look it’s Mr. Twister Pants!”  I’m telling you, I can hardly contain myself now thinking about those pants.  You all remember twister, the game, right?  Well, this man had pants like that!  So, as we all waited for the elevator, I could not contain myself anymore and started calling out, “Right foot, red!  Left hand, yellow!”  I do believe it was at this point my dear friends wished they were anywhere but right there!  I just could not contain myself.  Oh. My. Goodness.

Then came Saturday morning.  Another opening set of wonderful Praise and Worship music.  Just amazing.  Beth then returned to the stage to begin our morning session.  I was madly taking notes as her message for the weekend was all about the word “PREPARE”.  She had nine points for us and we were picking up with number four this morning.

Beth’s teaching was going along when all of a sudden she started stuttering.  She started looking through her notes and looking back at her Bible.  After a few seconds of scrambling, she finally said more or less under her breath, “Ok, Lord, I will.  I know you won’t let me go on until I tell them what it is you’re telling me.”  She walked to the edge of the stage and got down on one knee.  What she said next just totally took my breath away.

At 9:48 AM on Saturday, August 13, 2011 while kneeling, she said, “I am sorry, but the Lord is sending me off subject down this rabbit trail and will not let me have my focus to go own before I tell you this.  For some reason, God wants me to tell someone here today, right now that if He is telling you to write a book, you need to do it.  He doesn’t care if you’re not in the mood, you need to go on with it.”

Oh, no she didn’t.

The air went out of my lungs, my mouth dropped open and the floodgates just opened up and my eyes began to well up and unload.  Just last week, I told my hubby that I think God wants me to write, but I’m just not too sure and I don’t even know what to write.  Wise hubby said, “Just sit down to write, something will come to you…God will direct.”  And in my ever so spoiled child attitude, I replied, “But I’m not in the mood.”

Are you kidding me.

The very words I spoke last week, were spoken back to me by God through Beth Moore.  Wham – right upside my thick skull, like a two by four being swung with full force.  You have got to be kidding me.

After coming home from She Speaks with information overload yet feeling the calling from God to return to my writing, I have been going back and forth as to if I really understood God or not.  I believe Satan has been doing such a number on my mind, that I just started to justify all the reasons that I probably misunderstood.  Then this happened.

I’m thinking that if I didn’t get this Telegram or better yet – this two by four upside my head, then I’m just never gonna get it!  When God directs us to do something, as Mizz Moore says:  “You need to go on with it!”

….and that’s all I have to say about that!


5 thoughts on “Getting Hit in the Head with the Proverbial Two by Four!

  1. really Tammy. I always ask God to scream in my good ear because I am just not hearing him loud enough. Well girl my question to you is do you need a hearing aid???? Do it. do it, do it.

  2. Great…..just realized that I didn’t proof very well Ruthie! I did not “made” a hearing aid – I just need one. But after I get my eyes checked!!!

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