But, it’s just a car!

I warned those around me that they are all fodder for this blog.   Just to show you that I’m an equal opportunity blogger of who did something funny…I’ve chosen myself for today!  First, for those of you who don’t know me personally, it’s only fair for you to know a little background.  Oh – and by the way – thanks to all of you for coming along for a little encouragement or a giggle when you read along!

I’m an only child, married to an only child, and together we have an only child.  Weird, I know!  It wasn’t in my plan – but it was in God’s plan.  And it’s all good.  However, from time to time my only childness rares it’s not so positive side!  Today being one of those days!

In our home, we have had the discussion that it’s time for me to go back to doing most of the driving again. The man in the house hates to drive.  Let’s just say it’s really obvious!  He’ll admit it, too.  I used to do all the driving when we were together and then I did a number on my back.  Some days it’s all I can do to ride along and grit my teeth from being uncomfortable from my back issue.  Some days it’s just from the driver!! Hehe!  We decided it’s time to car shop.  The vehicles we have aren’t the best for me to drive.  One is way to low (and actually is on it’s last leg), one is sort of ok and the newest is too high and hard to get into causing more pain than it’s worth.  Last weekend, thoughtful hubby made me go and get in and out of a bunch of cars and then drive them.  It over taxed my back, but was very successful in ruling some vehicles out.  Oh – and I can only buy Chrysler as he’s a Chrysler man!

Yesterday, we go to our local Chrysler dealer to look at their stock and drive a couple I didn’t manage to drive at the other dealer.  Besides, need to buy local, you know!  We narrow it down to one vehicle.  The one I don’t like the look of the most!  A little more background to be shared….I’m a real car girl.  Love me some shiny sporty looking cars!  This car, uh, nothing like it.  We come back off the lot to go inside to figure out logistics and there it is!! The car I actually wanted.  The car I wanted two years ago when we bought our other car.  And this one is even prettier than two years ago.  A black Journey with chrome wheels.  Ahhhhhhhhh!   Now what do I do?

The salesman says,  “Oh, we shouldn’t get in that, it’s sold already.”  WHAT????  So, then I have a real struggle and we talk a little more and I say I really want to think about it.  He goes into the showroom.  We are literally climbing into the car and our Salesman quickly comes over and says, “I don’t know what the office means, but they said that if you want this Journey – first sign, first get.”  Hmmm, is it the sign by five rule…it’s 2:45 PM!!

So, I get back out of the car.  Hubby just puts his head down then says, “I’m not in this one, you will have to decide which will be better for your back and only you can decide that.  I know you like the pretty.  All I’m saying is you need to decide cause you’re not blaming me if you buy a car you don’t want!”

So, I get the two vehicles side by side.  I try to get in and out of them to compare.  Yes, of course my back is now killing me from all this climbing business and I’m getting more confused as we go.

An hour later, I decide to go with my Brain and not my Heart and chose the one that would be best for my back.  Do the paperwork and walk away.  It will be ready today.  In fact, got the call two paragraphs ago that it is, in fact, ready for pick up.   Argh…..

Lost a lot of sleep last night!  Text daughter this morning about my problem.  Why on earth did I call the indecisive one?  This girl takes over an hour to decide to BUY the outfit she came to buy!!  No help there!  Hubby, text him.  He informs me I’m exhausted!  Great help there!

So, I decide maybe I should pray about it.  God’s always there, right!  So I do.

I let my husband and daughter know that I did pray about this car thing!  I told them both that God told me he really didn’t care because all he ever had to chose from was sandals or donkeys, so he couldn’t actually relate!

However, I know better.  God does actually care and He did actually speak to me about this whole event.  Not an audible voice, but a “voice” that brought me to the fact that He does care about what we do with ourselves.  The verse came to mind about our bodies being a temple of God and that it is our responsibility to care for them while on this earth.  I knew which car I should be bringing home.

In conclusion, if you live around here and see me on the road, will you wave at me in my boring, military bland car and yell….”Way to go girl, finally taking care of yourself!”

…..and that’s all I have to say about that!


4 thoughts on “But, it’s just a car!

  1. Oh, girl! I love ya, I do! We are having to look at cars right now too, but we’re not going to the lot. We have like zero dollars.lol I love SUVs and sporty cars, but because of ministry and picking up some of the girls in my DOZ group, we need room. Most SUVs are too expensive, even an older one. So, that leaves a van. A VAN!! I’ve had several people tell me, “you don’t look like a van person.” hahaha! But, I know this is something for God, for ministry. So… WAY TO GO, GIRL!! I’m proud of you an so is Daddy!

  2. Thanks, Danielle! The van is the car that’s too high for me here at home! I have no kids to haul around anymore and it just felt like I was driving a boat! Having a ministry with the possibility of some sweet DOZ’s riding in your chariot—-well that’s a whole different story! Worth having the van for! And, by the way, what DOES a van person “look” like?? Hahaha!

  3. Thanks Tammy for telling me about your blog. I could stay up way too late reading. I feel like you are sitting here having a conversation with me!

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