No kidding, Sir!!!

It was brought to my attention last night from a buddy that I haven’t posted for a while!  Ooops!  However, I’ve been up to something really cool for me and in the long run probably for you, too!  I’ve had to do some writing for an upcoming conference I’m attending for Writers/Speakers/Women’s Ministry Leadership Women.  I’ve hit a couple days (or more than a couple!) of writer’s block or maybe just writer’s doubt in self.  However, the house was empty last night and I nearly duct taped myself to my chair at the ‘ol Mac and got to it.  I have a 750 word article due to take for presentation.  To some of you that may sound like 740 words too many (my husband for one!).  To me, that was like…”What?  And what do I do with the rest of these 1,526 words??”  That was the hard part.  Writing wasn’t hard.  Being short, sweet and concise…well that’s another matter!  For those of you who know me personally – you know what I’m talking about!!!  Now that my article is done,  (WooHoo!) I’m back with you.  I have a couple weeks left before I go (So Excited!), so I’ll try to catch up with some missing posts!  I kind of feel like the bumper sticker about George W. Bush–“Miss Me Yet?”   Lest you think I ran out of things to say or even better,  things that just plain ol’ crack me up, how about this one that follows!?

Back in the spring, I was asked to go to see a Comedienne, Anita Renfroe, whom I’ve never heard of.  I was asked by a new friend and jumped at the chance to go along and to get to know my new friend better.  Also – a night of side splitting humor sounded right up my alley, if you know what I mean.
The night of the event arrived and I drove to my new friend’s house to ride together.  She said she knew right where the church was that was hosting the event so she would drive.  The ride was only about 15 minutes.  It wasn’t raining as we left, however, about half way there it began to mist a little.  My friend said, “No big deal, I have an umbrella over on your side and one in the trunk, we are good.”
We drove into the parking lot and are directed by a parking lot crew which way to go.  We’re good compliant girls and follow their directions!  As we pulled up the row we are to park, the rain seems to pick up.  A lot.  My friend pulled into a pull-through spot.  SCORE!  I personally love those spots and especially at big events with massive amounts of people trying to get out at the exact same time!  We are now parked and start figuring out how I’m going to get out first, open the umbrella, then come around and get my friend so we can go to the trunk and get the other umbrella. Ready, set, go!
Signals cross.
I opened my door, jumped out and opened my umbrella.  I start for the front of the car to go around and I realize she is now at the trunk trying to get out the other umbrella!  Oh – and NOW it begins to downpour.  Nice.  My friend pulled out the umbrella as I’m trying to hold mine over her and me both.  Our little ol’ parking man is trying to motion for us to hurry so the other cars that he is going to park behind us don’t hit us coming in.  We are not moving fast enough and he comes over.  Mind you, the rain has decided to start pouring down harder AND sideways!  Just as our little man came up to us, my friend’s umbrella turns inside out! Yep! Totally the opposite direction.  Where it should be cupped downward towards the handle, it is now cupped upward opposite the handle.  We both laughed, but our little “friend” doesn’t find it funny.
As she tried to push the button to have it go back the opposite way so she can get it into the trunk, the rocket scientist tried to give her instructions how to close it so she can put it away and move out of the way for the incoming cars.  Now mind you, he is watching her do the exact same thing he is telling her to do!  She is so kind and smiles at him and says….”I’m trying to do that, sir!”  He kept telling her over and over, to close it.  Push the button and close it.  He looks at me and rolls his eyes and shrugs his shoulders.
Then it happened.
The fabric just took off with the wind.  I truly was half expecting Dorothy and Toto to come whizzing by anytime.  My friend tried to catch the fabric, but it was on a path of it’s own.  But, never fear–our little ‘ol, instruction giving man went and caught it for us.  Bless yer heeaarrrtttt, sir!
My friend throws the umbrella into the trunk.  All the pieces of it!  We huddle under the little umbrella and head off to the door.  Once we got into the building, we hurry to get into the line so we can get our seats.  Then we realize that we both are drenched down our entire backsides.  My friend has curly hair that is becoming more curly from the rain – I have poker straight hair that now has absolutely no hair spray or any style whatsoever!  At this point as we are checking out just how much we look like drowned rats, we notice the ever beautiful sun that has returned for the rest of the ladies arriving!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  We both point out the window in the lobby, look at each other, then bust out laughing.
We may have had a wet seat, wet back and wet hair, but for sure our spirits weren’t wet!  We had an evening of great laughs started off by a great belly laugh at ourselves.
I’m thinking with this first event of hanging out we’re off to a great new friendship for years to come!  Because girl, if you can look like a drowned rat, smell like a wet dog and be in an event with dolled up women (and you’re not anymore!) and still start the evening cracking up then friendship just doesn’t get any better than that!
….and that’s all I’ve got to say about that!

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