C’mon – anybody there?

Something happened today that reminded me of a funny story!  Surprise right!

You may have read in a blog or two that I am married to a real sugar head!  Well, he loves sugar in all sorts of ways and especially when there is a “deal”.  Leave it to McDonald’s to come up with a deal AND it be sweet!

So, the sugar buzzed guy saw a billboard with the new $.50 cone advertisement.  Now mind you, this is the same man who while driving cannot see the huge truck coming at us if his life depended on it, or mine for that matter!  But — have a sign about something sweet — now we have great vision!

Have you ever stopped to realize or even notice how many Golden Arches there are in a couple mile drive? After this past week of driving around town, I can tell you that there are quite a few of these in our ten mile radius.  Most of which we have had to drive through for Mr. Sugar to get a $.50 cone.

Today was no different!

We were moving our daughter to her new apartment.  As we were coming home, we passed yet another Golden Arches and some certain someone felt he “earned” a cone for his hard, sweaty work!  So – we went through the drive thru, but today I was driving.  I pulled up to the speaker to have our order taken.  After a little while, I said, “Hmm, is anybody here?  Or is this the…..” and then I busted out laughing.

Hence, the story I was reminded of…

A couple months ago, we were traveling to a Getaway that hubby was doing Massages at.  We left early in the morning, so we thought we would go through the Chick-fil-A and grab some breakfast…and of course some sweet tea!  He pulled up to the drive through and up to the speaker.  (Laughing reliving this right now…)  We were still talking about some stuff and nobody had come to the speaker.  He looked over and then back at me to wait.  We kept talking some more and I started thinking…man what on earth is taking so long, there wasn’t even another car in front of us.  So, while he was talking, I leaned forward a bit to see the speaker.  Aha – now I know why they aren’t taking our order—but he hasn’t figured it out yet.  He talks a bit more and I am smiling so big right now and holding back the laughter that I am about to burst.  He stops and says, “What?”  I said, “Do you think they will take your order outta that?”  Then I totally lose it.  The poor man has pulled up to the trash can!!!!  I can hardly handle it as he moves up to the REAL speaker and places our order.  I try to repress the laughter so they can hear him, but am having a hard time.  As he orders, he pulls up a bit and stops.  He then looks over at me and says, “This is going into the blog isn’t it?”  I giggled some more and said, “Oh, but of course it will!”  He then just smiled and said, “See, I just give you more to write about when I’m around!

So – what should you take away from this?  You may want to look at the different items they have in the drive thru line.  Oh, and another thing – you’d better be careful when I’m around – I may be just watching and waiting for my next blog post!

…and that’s all I have to say about that!


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