There’s Just That Much in There!

I was asked recently by several people where do I get this stuff and how long does it take me to write up a blog post.  First of all – all around me is stuff that I view and somehow mentally record in my big fat head.  Not on purpose you see, but apparently it was noticed when I was younger by my family doctor that I remembered stuff well.   Dr. Karam did a little test on me in his office and then promptly told my Mom – “Yes, it’s like I suspected. Tammy here has what we call a photographic memory, so I would watch what you say or do as she will most likely remember it!”  I have so much in my head that my hubby always says when I have a headache (which is almost every day) – “You have a headache because you have so much in your head and it’s all going on at the same time!  You’re talking to me now, and I bet your brain is working on your To Do list and the conversation you had with somebody earlier–your brain just never stops!  And when your mouth is trying to keep up with your brain–geesh, I have no idea what you’re saying you’re talking way to fast for any human to understand.”  And as far as how long it takes me to write up a post – as fast as I can type it!  No drafts on paper – just from head to hands!  Kinda scary, right!  What if something pops into my head away from my computer, say in the car?  Remember that memory?  I’ll just pop a note with one or two words into my iPhone and I’m good to go.  When I get back to the computer I can just go at it.

However, there is someone near and dear to my heart who has mentioned now that I have hit a certain age that my memory may be starting to see some slipping!  I responded with, “Well, at this age as long as it’s just occasional slippage and not leakage – I’m good to go!”

The biggest part of this writing for me is to share how I try to view life’s little bumps in the road.  I have had many a major bumps and you might say—how can you find humor in that?  Oh friends, you can find humor in ANY event.  It all depends on how you want to view it.  Do you want to hold on to the pain and hurt or fear?  Or do you want to be able to deal with those same things find a little humor in them and be able to move on?  Please don’t get me wrong – there have been many times where I parked my butt right into a pit of despair and depression to deal with it all by myself.  To wallow and figure out mean spirited ways to get back at someone who’s wronged me, or to come up with a conversation to let someone have a little what for.  But I guess with age comes a sense of “why’d I let that bother me?” or “in the big picture of life, is this really all that bad?”  So, I have actually reverted back to the laughing clown I was up to my early 30’s!  Yes, I was the kid in class that usually got in trouble for giggling or better yet when I get everyone else giggling and THEY got in trouble—best day ever!  Yep, I can sit in church and the preacher will say a funny and I can’t stop the snickering to the point where loving hubby will give me the look!  (You know the one, you’ve given it to your kids!  Stop it before I beat the laugh right outta ya!)  I can usually get a laugh out of anything I do, once I step back and think about it more.  Here’s an example of a time that wasn’t really good for my riding companion – but hilarious to me……T – do you remember this?

Riding our bikes on a very busy road in Portage Lakes, we were traveling at a pretty high rate of speed going down a hill.  A huge garbage truck comes along and swerves toward us and lays on the horn thinking it was funny.  I hit the curb and it flipped me through the air and my bike went sailing another way.  My buddy was behind me, but flew past trying to control her bike as well.  When she finally slowed down and returned to where I was laying face down, she started calling my name.  I didn’t respond.  I was hurting pretty bad.  She was really scared and I could hear it in her voice.  She used her foot to sort of try to roll me over to see if I was dead!   I did what any one injured and scared bike rider would do – I rolled over and commenced into a huge belly laugh of hysterics at what I must have looked like flying through the air and what she must look like trying to see if I was dead without touching me!!!  What – was she afraid of “being biblically unclean for touching the dead”?!!  I’m pretty sure she wasn’t thinking – “I love you friend” at that moment!  If my memory serves me right, she called me a few names!  Well deserved I’m sure.

This is what I mean – ya really gotta look at stuff and find the humor in it.  I realize that some things are not funny, but there is always a reason to smile.  To be thankful for blessings.  To be grateful to God.  Maybe it won’t be at the moment you’re in it, but don’t stay there.  Stomp your foot down, hands on your hips and REFUSE to stay there.  Come out of the pain, hurt, fear or whatever and  SEEK laughter.  Look for brighter things.  Heck, if all fails – write to me and tell me the story–I’ll find something for you!  I’ll get you to laugh, really I will!

Back to the question of where do I get this stuff?  All around me, everyday!  I see it, mentally record it and keep it in my brain!  So, let this be a warning to you—you’d better be nice to me or you could end up in my blog!  Oh heck – you probably will end up in here anyway!

…and that’s all I have to say about that!


3 thoughts on “There’s Just That Much in There!

  1. Great words for outlook on ALL things in life. We all apply ourselves in different ways at different times and stages of life. I think God always knows but we take longer to figure out some things. Naturally we all have instincts to defend and protect, but we do not always use the accept and appreciate portions. Life is a journey, and yes, we all need to laugh and find the positive of as much of the journey as we can. Even in sorrow, hurt and depression we can seek out the smallest of hope and good and be glad we are alive!!! Love you! (and PS, yes I am the Gemini twin and babble just like you do – hahaha)

  2. Thanks Cathy! Thanks, too, for stopping by! I hope you’ll stop by again and see what transpires!! You, my dear friend, sure know full well how to find a positive when dealt a negative in this thing called Life! You are truly an inspiration to me–you rock! And I love you lots!!!

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