Could There Be a Potty Issue?

Yeah, so there are so many directions I could go with this topic, but I will start with some thoughts on the whole potty event.  No, don’t click off and go somewhere else – stick with me – I’m not going into THAT kind of detail.  

Recently something happened to someone that had me totally crack up and I was even given permission to share here on my blog.  It went something like this….”Oh, and you can put this on your blog ’cause I know you probably will anyhow!”  Sounds like permission granted if you ask me.

There are actually two distinct potty issues that come to mind with this same person in fact.  One happened a couple of years ago at a local chain spaghetti restaurant.  This particular  restaurant is known for all the “stuff” hanging all over their walls, ceilings and obviously their bathroom walls as well.  To set the story, you need to know this friend is a male so that should tell you what “type” of toilet would be being used in this event.  A group of us were finishing dinner when this friend said he needed to use the restroom.  We finished up and I realized the person hadn’t returned, so figured he either made a longer stop or was waiting up front since we were all mostly done.  After a long while, we all made our way to the front, but I realized he wasn’t out yet, so we chatted and waited.  And waited.  Finally, I said to the others, “Do you suppose he went outside to wait?”  It was summer, so we thought maybe he was outside.  We all go out and sure enough he was in the car I was riding in.  Happy he was found we all proceeded to leave.  I got to the car and asked, “We thought you were coming back to the table – are you ok?”  He snickered and said, “Yeah, I’m ok.”  I said, “Well then why did you come out here?”  He snickered yet again and said, “You know all the stuff all over the walls? Well, they have all kinds of stuff to read in the bathroom while you’re standing there and I guess I got carried away reading, and I sort of missed!”  We then realized why he came out to the car and after a moment of respectful silence, the car burst into hysterics!  Couldn’t help ourselves.  Just saying.

So this same poor friend had a restaurant/bathroom visit again recently that brought me into uncontrollable laughter that got me to thinking.  First let me tell you about “the event”! (Laughing just remembering it!)  We were at a chicken sandwich place.  I am not finished, but he is.  He excuses himself and heads to the restroom.   A few minutes later he comes to the table chuckling to himself.  “You’ll like this, ” he says.  “Oh, and you can put this on your blog ’cause I know you probably will anyhow!”  Well, ya fool – why did you commence to tell me the story!  You KNOW I’m always up for a good laugh and since the blog is about that – you are giving me great material just with your potty adventures. Hmmm, could that be an entire book…..oh – back to the story at hand.

He has always made fun of me complaining about having to “sit down” at public places, and some are really gross.  I’m thinking – HA – LIKE YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO WORRY ABOUT STANDING THERE!!  Anyway – off track again! So he begins to chuckle as he explains the adventure…

“So, I go into the only stall (men usually only get one?-who knew!) and I see the holder for the toilet seat cover and decide to use it.”  He HAS listened a little to my cootie stories!  “Since I don’t do this very often, I didn’t realize that when you carefully unfold the cover, then lay it down, undo your pants, turn around and go to sit down that the toilet has interpreted that movement in front of the sensor as –Ok, we’re done, now flush!”   “So, as I’m sitting down, it flushes and takes my cover down with it!  So, do I jump back up and get another one and put it down?  Meanwhile my pants would be at my ankles and be on the ground (no song here please) picking up more germs according to your many stories, Tammy!”

Well, I never did get the rest of the story as to how the actual story ended – go without or start over – because I’m picturing the same thing happening to me oh way too many times!  Anybody getting a picture here?  Anyone have this happen to them?  Anybody have to put down more than one seat cover and if so – how many?  Oh boy!

Therefore, this brings up some thoughts for today.  There are those out there that never use any seat covering-they feel others are germafobes, the ones that hover (my Mom was THE great hoverer!)-if you never actually touch the porcelain goddess it won’t count as getting germs, and those that use the cover if provided or toilet paper all around the seat-they are not taking any chances on possible germs.  Such dilemma just to go potty!

…and that’s all I have to say about that!


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