A “Vera” Expensive Piece of 45 Cent Pie!

Yeah, so the vow to not buy anything extra for 2011 has found a major blip in the system.  It’s all because of a certain restaurant offering a piece of pie for 45 cents and being married to a pure sugar head,  easily persuaded to pilgrimage out into the elements for a cheap slice of sugar!

I was listening to The Fish (95.5FM) radio two weeks ago minding my own business, preparing dinner in the privacy of my own home.  When along came a commercial that I thought the sugar head I married er, I mean my sweet lovable husband would be very interested in knowing about.  The Hartville Kitchen (a restaurant/gift shop known for good food) was having a 45 year anniversary sale.  I remember back when they had their 40th anniversary and our daughter and I went–he had a fit because we had a piece of their wonderful pie for 40 cents and he was at work!  You see – during their anniversary time, their pie price matches the years they’ve been in business.  Fittingly, this year is 45 cents for their 45th anniversary.  So I told the hubster when he came in that evening.  It’s only Monday and Tuesday until March 8th I informed him.  He said, “Oh, Monday is our day off – let’s plan on going next Monday!  Yum, a piece of Hartville Kitchen pie for 45 cents.”  That man is easy!

So, Monday arrives and off we go for lunch.  It was nice – a date lunch, just the two of us…awwww.
Hey – every little bit helps!  After 30 years of marriage – yep, it’s truly the little things in life that count!
Anyway – back to the pie lunch.  We order our meal and wait.  While we wait for our food, he starts breaking down his top 4 choices – you know, just in case they are sold out – since the restaurant is, as usual, packed to the gills.  I happen to notice the little sign on the table that says there is a BOGO-45% off sale in the gift shop, which this shop is amazingly huge.  Let’s put it this way, if you can’t find a gift for yourself, I mean for someone, in this shop…well, you are probably not going to find it!  The fine print on the bottom of the sign showing what is excluded only has two items.   Hmmmm, the one item I would be interested in isn’t listed………….

So while sweetness goes off to a sugar coma while eating his pie, I plan on taking a gander at the gift shop.  “Man, I’m so full, how about we walk through the gift shop just to help digest and stretch out.”  “Ok,” he says.  Yep – the coma is full fledged now!  Yippee, off we go.  Stop first at the cashier – “Are these the only two exclusions to the sale?” I ask.  “Yes, everything else is included, just until Saturday” the sweet clerk informs me.  Ha – I don’t need until Saturday – today would be just fine.  Or will it?

So, as I almost break into a full sprint to the section I know all too well where it is in the store, the darling sugar-doped up man follows me and cozies into a comfy chair nearby.  Then I see it!  The new spring color I think the daughter will love.  So I snap a couple photos and send a text with it.  GOSH,  I love this new technology crap that half the time I have no idea how to use.  Send it to the daughter who texts back…”I LOVE IT”.  So, I prepare a speech to the hubby – how about we get one of these for her for Valentine’s day and then the 45% off one save for her birthday so they match?  He exclaims – “but which two, shouldn’t you find out which she’d rather have?”  Huh – like you even consider that?  Ok – I’ll go with it.  Text her back.  Text again.  Call her cell.  Call her office.  Call her apartment.  Dad texts.   I think to myself – look ya little creep – answer your stinking text or phone – I’m trying to buy you a Vera Bradley bag – your Dad has gone for the two biggest ones–AND YOU ARE NOT ANSWERING!!!  Don’t you know the sugar will wear off soon?  Finally – a ring.  The wonderful little thing says–“What are you bothering me for – one of us is working today?”  I’m thinking—Oh, my precious, there are actually two of us working…one in an office and one at your Dad–both for your benefit, so hush!

In a sneaky, round about way we come up with two. She just thinks we wondered if she likes the new color.  We purchase and leave.  Hubby says (wait for this one) – “You know how she likes to match stuff, why don’t we stop by her and give it to her early, just in case she might want to go back and match some stuff.  They are open tonight until 8.”  Huh – did he just say go back……SHOPPING?

So, we stop….SURPRISE!  “Oh yeah, let me get my wallet, I’m free tonight – let’s go back,” she says.  We do.  We are now friends with the Vera sales lady.  She begins helping to find pieces.  She suggests…”Well this one is more, so try to find one equal to this price for your better % off.”  The hubby likes the way she thinks.  More shoppers come along.  “Vera is really in the sale?  Are you kidding, even the new colors just out?” We make friends!  I start thinking, hmmm, maybe I should get a new fun one for the spring myself.  Sugar man is still somewhat delirious so why not!   An hour and a half later, daughter has made her selection and off we go!

Tuesday morning rolls around.  The daughter calls.  “I looked at the book, and found another piece or two that I might like to get to finally have most of a set that matches…wanna have lunch and go shop again?”   Her wonderful Dad says – “Yeah – and it’s Tuesday, so the pie is 45 cents again!”  Oh my, driven by flour, eggs, fruit and SUGAR!

Daughter texts friend who is a Vera fan and tells her about the sale.  “No Way – I’m heading out the door now to go there, I heard about the sale!  I’ll meet you there and join you all for lunch.”  Lunch and PIE was good.  Off to the gift shop.

Seriously – same sales clerk.  She sees us coming and loudly exclaims, “Oh back again so soon?”  Thanks for throwing us under the bus.  Yeah, couple of items each later and we are on our way again.
Thinking we are finally Vera’d out – we are grateful for the deals to be had.  Dad explains to us both, that we have just received Valentines’,  Mother’s Day (one of us),  Birthdays and Christmas gifts for a while!
Ok. Yeah sure!

We drop off daughter and go home.  Wednesday she sends another text thanking us for the pieces we bought her and thanks for telling her about the sale.  In the last couple years of shopping Vera, she’s never found such a great deal – nor has she been able to have a nice complete set.  She was usually missing a piece or two that she just couldn’t find at a reasonable price to finish a set.  She thinks about the pieces she hasn’t used and decides – hmm, maybe I’ll sell those since they are in mint condition and then I’ve paid for these new pieces.  Great thinking I text her back.

Thursday morning – a text from the daughter.  “Whatcha doin’ today?  In our laughing with the sales lady and helping my friend pick out her choices – I forgot the two little pieces I use everyday in my current bag.  Any way you would pick me up and we go down and I run in to get JUST those pieces?”  I say, “Sure, I forgot a wallet for the second color I bought!”  So – off we go.  Someone has the day off and decides he best ride along – though the pie special isn’t today….just to contain the Vera blitz!

Get to the store.  He makes us tell him what TWO pieces we are coming for so the totals match for the best discount.  We tell him…he’s happy…we go inside.  Pick out the two, pay, come out.  As we open the door, the daughter says.  “I’m afraid if I don’t get the large travel bags at this price, I’m going to really be mad at myself.  I’ve already decided to sell off a couple unused pieces.”  Yep – she goes back in and who does she see…our new shopping friend from Tuesday, back for more pieces herself – plus Mother’s Day gifts!  Happy and spent (in more ways than one) the daughter returns to the car.  She is excited that for once, she finally has a complete set of Vera Bradley that she often thought she’d love to have.  At such a great deal, she is pleased.

And the ever positive Dad states…….”I’m thinking that has been one very expensive piece of
45 cent pie!”

…and that’s all I have to say about that!


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